Tips for survival, which is actually deadly

deadlyMany tips on survival in the wild, familiar to us from movies and TV shows, in fact erroneous and even deadly.

1. If finding themselves alone in the wilderness first thing you prefer prey food, you can make a mistake, because in fact you can live without it for several days. It would be wise to keep power that is really of paramount importance – to find shelter and prevent dehydration.

2. You think asylum – means a roof over his head. In fact, this means a place for sleeping. Cold land far more dangerous than the cold wind. Construct a bed of dry vegetation to keep warm.

3. You think you need to conserve water as much as possible, while your body no matter how much you want to drink then. Water need you now. Some stray tourists died while still having a supply of drinking water, because the latter tried to save her. So drink!

4. You think you need to drink his own urine to maintain the liquid level in the body. In fact, it will overload the mechanisms of regularization of the body. Urinate on Bandanna better – it will help to cool down the heat.

5. Believed that the need to suck the venom out of the wound in case of snakebite. In fact, it will only further damage the respiratory system and stomach. So do not panic and seek help.

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