The mystery of the Egyptian pyramids will not be solved

pyramidsSince that time, as the Egyptian pyramids were built by people asking questions: what purpose and by whom they were erected?

Is to create tombs for pharaohs for millennia and perpetuate their names? But, according to Egyptologists, in the biggest pyramids that are located on a plateau near Cairo Giza found only empty sarcophagi and mummies of pharaohs were not found. In recent years, there were various hypotheses on the appointment of the pyramids: as grain storage, as benchmarks for alien ships and facilities, which produce energy for them.

According to some historians, the pyramid complex on the ground helped relegate cosmic energy, which is beneficial to the life of the earth, and served as an energy shield from the invasion of the desert to the fertile land of Egypt. Besides pyramids contain a huge amount of information about the structure of the universe, the solar system and human encoded in its geometric form, or rather, in the form of an octahedron, half of which is a pyramid scheme. Pyramid point upwards symbolizes life, the top down – the death, the underworld.

By the way, its structure consists of 2.3 million cubic limestone blocks with smoothly polished sides. According to the calculations of Napoleon, stone blocks from the three pyramids at Giza, enough to circle the whole of France a wall height of 3 meters and a thickness of 30 centimeters. Each block weighs an average of 2.5 tons, and the heaviest – 15 tons, the total weight of the pyramid – 5.7 million tons.

There is also a digital code value, which is encoded in the pyramid of information about the universe – the number 365, was not chosen by chance. First of all, it’s a one-year life cycle of our planet. Furthermore, the number 365 is composed of three digits of 3, 6 and 5. What do they mean? If the solar system, the sun passes at number 1, then 3 – is Venus, 6 – and 5 Jupiter – Mars. Consequently, the earth in a special way connected with these planets. Adding the numbers 3, 6 and 5. Obtain 14, of which one – the Sun and the 4 – Earth.

Number 14 in general is of global importance: it, in particular, is based structure of the hands of man, the total number of phalanges each of which is also 14. This code has been linked to the constellation Ursa Major, which includes our Sun, and which once was another star that killed Phaeton, a planet located between Mars and Jupiter, and then appeared in the solar system, Pluto, and changed the characteristics of the other planets.

Hundreds of years of debate about the age, purpose, characteristics and effects of the pyramids, as well as the technology of their construction. Prompted a large number of hypotheses as complementary and mutually contradictory.
It is believed that the famous Egyptian pyramids served as beacons of alien spacecraft, showing them the way to the spaceport in the Sinai desert. Many scientists believe that the great pyramid of Giza was built long before the first pharaohs. What do we know about her being in the sacred plates? Who and why are they there to fix? Recent discoveries in space confirm the link between the Egyptian pyramids and Martian.

Indeed, these structures are very diverse monuments and majestic, especially the biggest pyramid. It differs from all the others in that it does not have any characters – and it’s weird. It remains only to solve those mysteries that the ancient Egyptians have left us in their facilities. There is a myth that when the last mystery of the pyramids and the Sphinx will be revealed – the world will end. There is another myth that somewhere hidden in the pyramids of knowledge that will learn and understand all the secrets of the pyramids, and possibly more, but nobody can find, because not looking. Knowledge are in buildings, but not on the walls and in the signs and buildings in themselves – they are stored in them as a separate source of energy that we can not yet read, but the day comes when we can do it.

In unison sounds above told the hypothesis that changes in the pyramids of the passage of time, that is, they are a kind of time machine. Besides, it is well known that using these mysterious structures, priests predicted solar and lunar eclipses, using the pyramid as a solar-lunar calendar.
Since 1990, on the territory of CIS and foreign works on the construction and study of Pyramid height of 11, 22 and 44 meters.

During 11 months of treatment effect in a number of pyramid-shaped institutions Weena (using shared perimeter crystals treated in the Pyramid) at times the number of violations has fallen regime, significantly reduced mortality among prisoners disappeared felonies in establishments with a total of more than 5,000 troops.

The most significant areas of application of the pyramid are: reduction in the harmonic state of the surface layer of the Earth, increasing the reliability of the disposal of nuclear, chemical, bacteriological and other wastes; improvement of human adaptation to the environment; solution of ecological problems through the improvement of water bodies, forests, fields, parks, etc .; yield increase agricultural production, improving the quality of food products, beverages and drugs, prevention and rehabilitation; solving the problems of energy-protection; informational impact on the environment through the accumulation of information in the water streams (rivers), and more.

Interesting fact: the greatest interest to the pyramids was in the late 80-ies. If you remember – 1987-89. famous “wave” UFO invasion. Beginning of 2000 was marked by new mass sightings of any alien and strange homegrown worldwide. And again renewed interest in the pyramids.

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