Ten amazing animals that are able to speak

SpeakIf you have a pet, then you probably have at least a few times talking to him as if it is – a man. But the animals, by itself, can not talk. Or can they? Suggest you read about ten different animals, from elephants to the vast small dogs who have something to say about it.

1. Kaushik, elephant

Kaushik – Asian elephant, has a special talent: he can talk. However, only a little, just five words in Korean: annyong (hi), anja (sit), aniya (no), nuo (lie) and choah (good).
Apparently, he does not understand Kaushik that says, but the ability to mimic human speech elephant unprecedented. Kaushik lives in Yongin, South Korea, at the zoo, Everland. Trainers say that the elephant learned to pronounce human words the year 2004, and is credited with close contact with the elephant people throughout his life.

2. NOC beluga

NOC said his first words in 1984, when he was nine years old. For a man it would be too late, but NOC – beluga. He was caught in 1977, calf, and eventually he learned to imitate human speech quite early. Although his ability to suddenly disappeared after four years later shorthead reached puberty, but the fact that such a thing happened, amazing.

3. Alex, an African gray parrot

Alex was gray parrot and the subject of a large scientific research, which lasted more than 13 years. Bought it when he was one year old. Hostess, Irene Pepperberg (Irene Pepperberg), worked as a psychologist in the University of Arizona animal – she studied the language of animals to communicate with each other.

Even the name was an acronym for Alex her experiment titled Animal Learning Experiment. By the time of his death in 2007, Alex distinguish more than 50 facilities had the vocabulary of 100 words, of him saying that he has a four year old child intelligence. His last words to Pepperberg were: Be good.

4. Hoover, seal

Found in 1971 by George and Alice Swallow Hoover was still young. His human parents are well cared about him: he got the name, ate tons of fish and quickly grew into his bath. Hoover then began to live in a pond near the home of his foster parents. Here he learned to speak and imitate the voices, including the peculiar New England accent.

As a result, Hoover moved to New England water park, where visitors entertained remarks like, Well, hello! Or “Get out of here!. Hoover died in 1985, the year.

5. Odie Pug

Odie, despite the silly name, he is not stupid. Although his vocabulary consists of only three words, it was more than enough to win the attention and hearts of Americans. Dog shown on the show Late Night with David Letterman and The Oprah Winfrey Show, where dog fun shouting his mistress Ruth: I love you.

6. The African gray parrot

N’kisi similar to Alex from our list of the African gray parrot, has a much more extensive vocabulary and more complete understanding of the surrounding world. In his dictionary of 950 words, he is able to use them in the right context, often N’kisi speaks in complete sentences.

N’kisi – this is a stunning example of how little we know about animals. He seems to even understand what verb forms: for example, he said, flying in the past tense instead of fly, although it has not yet learned this. Parrot also comes up with new names for the things that he was not named. Jane Goodall, the famous primatologist, personally met with a parrot. At the meeting, he looked at her and asked: Do you have a chimpanzee?.

7. Blackie, a cat

Although no research was conducted with Blackie and the community of his admirers on the internet is not too big, it nevertheless can be called one of the most important in the world of talking animals. He knew how to say I love you and I want to see my mother. In the late 1970s, Blackie money appeared on local television and radio broadcasts.

When the show the audience bored, the owners decided to make a street performance in Nashville with a cat, but they were notified that such activities must obtain a license, but it is not so easy. The matter went to court, which will agree, it’s funny: the question of the right to freedom of speech cat against human rights reap the benefits.

8. Bear, Husky

As you know, most of the Siberian Husky talk whining and whimpering, not barking, but there is no reason to think that they really are able to maintain a conversation. Unless, of course, it is not a bear. Mishka, the talking Husky – a new Internet sensation. In its ever-growing dictionary have phrases such as Hello, I love you and I’m hungry. What do you think, if your dog could talk, then maybe you would say much more?

9. Einstein, the African gray parrot

Once upon a time we did not talk about the parrots, is not it? So, the 18-year-old parrot Einstein permanent inhabitant Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee, knows about 200 words, 70 gestures and is able to distinguish people from one another. When asked what he would do if he gets peanuts, parrot shook his head and cried, My God, my God, over and over again in the coming excitement.

African Grey Parrot Einstein, like we already know Alex and N’kisi proves that gray parrots, perhaps – some of the most intelligent birds on the planet.

10. Lucy, a chimpanzee

Lucy Temerlin redpochitala gin and happily pour it into my tea whenever visiting her mentor. It was perfectly normal, because Lucy was a gem among chimpanzees. Its history is described in the novel Temerlina Grow human: chimpanzee daughter in a family therapist.

Temerlin and his wife Lucy raised as a man, she has taught using cutlery to behave at the dinner table and even dress. To help her communicate, primatologist Roger Fouts taught her elementary sign language. Ultimately, Lucy learned 140 words, which regularly enjoyed.

Although she never said aloud, Lucy was one of the first monkeys learned to fluently use to communicate in sign language. And she was one of the few talking animals, who seem to understand what they say.

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