Scientists have created a cure for female infidelity

FemaleScientists have created a drug of female infidelity. Treason – one of the first reasons for the separation of cohesive pairs. Need to deal with the problem comprehensively by preventing such a development. It is not always obvious why adultery, because scientists have developed a cure for treason. Today, however, only from the female …

Researchers from Italy have invented a medicine that can affect the sexual behavior of the fair sex and prevent trips to the left. This is done by correcting the hormonal levels in women. Medicine in Italian literally called Women’s fidelity and contains nerve simulators and testosterone. Its action is aimed at increasing the attraction only to the spouse.

Scientists have proved that in the long-term relationships in the body of the fair sex in relation to their partner formed a certain quantity of substances causing excitement to her husband. Designed to control the drug allows this value through a combination of neural processes and hormones. That is the woman taking the medication to be sure, would be willing to just your spouse. Compatibility of partners.

However, the reasons for the changes, there are many. One of them – a biological need to extend the order. Often it is the period of ovulation in women strenuously looking for new sexual partners. In addition to the physiological needs, women run and psychological factors.

Scientists from the U.S. called the main causes of adultery:
• Implementation of sexual needs that have not been implemented in the family;
• revenge for any offense;
• attempt to try, “but as it is on the side, maybe better?”;
• Grade “catch up” if premarital sexual experience was minimal;
• desire to forget about life’s challenges;
• Striving to other, more qualitative;
• an attempt to make the marriage stronger (or alternatively, attempt to destroy it);
• the desire to prove to yourself that you are still attractive to the opposite sex;
• increased self-esteem in bed;
• realization of his own “I” if the family is not possible to be yourself.

Incidentally, British scientists have proved that cheating – it is also an effective way to reduce weight. An anonymous survey of both sexes showed that during the affair behind partner for more than 60% of women and more than half of men lose weight and become slimmer. Strong sex on average during the relationship on the side dropped 2.5 kg, and beautiful – 4 kg. The secret of such changes lies in the impact of several factors:

1. Adultery – is a strong psychological stress causes acceleration of metabolism;
2. Situation makes a traitor to lead a more active lifestyle, because you need to succeed twice;
3. The desire to be attractive to new partner also helps in reducing weight.

Well, clearly, in infidelity has its advantages. Although, if you value your family ties, then lose weight with the help of the emergency mode is not recommended.

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