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PredictionProphecies about Ukraine Prophecies about Ukraine. Ukraine’s future and Maidan in Kiev. Iliotropion monk of Mount Athos. Ukraine’s future and Maidan in Kiev. Information about the future (from 92% -95%).

End riots come April 6, 2014. Negotiations will begin, which will lead to the end of the unrest in the Ukraine. Yanukovych will remain for some time the president. Then it will be replaced under the new president. But this is not the end. Since Ukraine is still in need of assistance (subsidy) from the outside, which will be provided, in particular, Russia and two other countries.

Then comes the fourth president, after Yanukovych start economic growth and prosperity. Current mayor of Kiev replaced by another (more senior) and begin the restoration of Kiev. Certain buildings will need more repair and restoration will be mothballed for some time. Recovery will take place within two years. As for the fate of some opposition leaders: – Klitschko leave abroad and fall into a major depression, which would haunt him until the end of days. Only finds solace with his wife to be with him.

Yatseniuk flee to Poland. Ukrainian court will sentence him to 10 years imprisonment …. But fate overtake him and life will end very scary. I did not want – to talk about the details, it’s a terrible picture. He is guilty of a lot more than you can imagine: it is not only incite pogroms, but also kills some people, as well as fraud in the broadest sense of the word. Azarov asked to return. As for the militants from the Western Ukraine and joined them. Skirmishes will be, but not those on which they rely.

They hunt from Kiev. Some arrested and be brought to criminal responsibility. But most will flee in Western. Western Ukraine separated from the eastern Ukraine and asked the European Union. Within five years, and they realize that they have done, and even ten years ago to ask for a part of Ukraine. – Crimea remain part of Ukraine. Will displeasure with the Tatars. But all that will remain.

As to the U.S., it’s just a stone on the neck of our Earth. They do not just plan and subsidize all that is happening now, but also support the riots with special people who are in Western Europe. It aims to Currently on one deputy of the Ukrainian government.

That there are special unit people “with capabilities beyond” it’s no secret. They are used in such situations in other countries, believe this is not fiction, but a reality. This is a common disorder (people go on killing with cruelty without realizing it – hypnosis at a distance). – The European Union is a hole from which you want to get out quickly. Analyze what is happening in other countries.

Remember the Great Patriotic War – Capture unsuccessful, and Germany lost, but now there is, then – the same, but other methods. Wake up EVERYTHING!!! After all, they want to enslave you. I can tell you a lot. Some simply do not believe me. Detail if telling time will be enough. But I can say one thing, time will tell – I’m right or not. A person can change his future as well as other people. Be reasonable people and create their own destiny, so to not be ashamed before descendants.

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