Natural disasters in history-Flooding in the valley of the Yellow River

07 Mar

RiverOne of the worst floods in modern history of mankind, which, according to various sources, claimed from 1.5 to 7 million lives, happened in late spring 1887 in the northern provinces of China, in the valley of the Yellow River.

Heavy rains in almost all areas of Hunan that spring floods caused the river. The first flood occurred at the sharp bend in the vicinity of the city of Zhangzhou. Day after day, invaded bubbling water in urban areas, destroying and despoiling them. Total flood affected 600 towns situated on the banks of the river, including the walled city of Hunan.

Torrent continued to wash off the field, animals, man,women and the city, flooding area 70 km wide water whose depth is 15 meters. Water frequently against wind and tide slowly flooded the terrace behind the terrace, each of which piled up 12 to 100 families. 10 homes survived only one or two. Half of the buildings had been hidden under water. People were lying on the rooftops, and the elderly who did not die from starvation, died of cold. The tops of the poplars that once stood along the road, stuck out of the water, like algae. Here and there over the old trees with thick branches held strong men and called for help.

At one point nailed to a tree box with a dead child, which was placed there for the safety of his parents. In the box lay food and a note with the name. Elsewhere, the family has been found, all of whom died, the child was placed on the highest place … well covered with clothes.  Destruction and devastation left after the water receded, were just awful. Statistics and could not cope with the task – to count.

By 1889, when the Yellow River, finally back on track, all the misery of flooding joined and disease. It is assumed that half a million people have died of cholera.

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