Mars rover Opportunity is under threat

14 Mar


Preliminary NASA’s budget for 2015 may restrict funding mission rover which for 10 years on Mars found enough evidence for the existence of water on Mars in the past. Now the fate of the rover is totally dependent on the Congress, which approves the budget of NASA. A reduction can also enter the orbiter Mars Odyssey, according to the channel Discovery.

Opportunity with rover Spirit arrived on Mars in January 2004 in search of traces of water. His latest discovery has revealed traces of clay minerals in the crater Rendezvous, which indicate that the ancient Martian water may have low acidity and be favorable for life.

Meanwhile Curiosity arrived at the Red Planet in August 2012, was more fortunate. Before the rover, which is equipped with on-board chemical laboratory tasked to examine in detail how Mars suitable for life now.

Currently, the maintenance of efficiency “Opportunity┬╗ NASA spends . Instead, the budget for 2015 laid the amount of 92 million dollars to fund a new project on NASA to launch Mars rover next to be implemented in 2020. NASA also intends to support the European rover which is scheduled to be sent to Mars in 2018 jointly by the European Space Agency and Macrocosm.

Financing Opportunity may be continued if the U.S. Congress would support the Obama administration’s so-called initiative Opportunity, Growth and Security Initiative which provides additional investment to strengthen national security.


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