Malaysian Boeing plane fell into a hole in time?

Malaysian BoeingVanished liner may declare decades later. This has already happened. DC-3 plane, missing In 1939 year on the way from Rio de Janeiro, Havana, 55 years later landed at the airport in the Colombian capital of Bogota. This story recently spread through Internet, along with its accompanying creepy details.

They say that Douglas suddenly appeared on the radar screen. Landing, miraculously faced soaring liner. And when on board nowhere seized aircraft climbed workers aeronautical services, we saw that sit in chairs skeletons. All – 36 passengers. Close to some – newspapers, dated 16 April 1939, and a cup of steaming coffee. Newspapers – not yellowed, and supposedly released yesterday from the printers.

Experts, who scored already 100 people allegedly broke his head, trying to understand how the plane landed. After his crew was also in the form of skeletons. But did not understand. And concluded that the plane fell into a hole in time, then fell out of it. And they put him aliens by remote control.

Surprisingly, among Internet users full of those who assume that Boeing-777 disappeared March 8, 2014 on the way from Kualalumpur to Beijing, could something like this happen. And he also appears somewhere decades later.

Gone with the wind of time

The longer go fruitless search for the remains of the Malaysian ship, the more there is a mystique around. And the more readily people believe in the most seemingly incredible. Although the story of returning the DC-3 is perhaps the most fantastic of those that surfaced today.

Bike invented. Invented long ago. Back in October 1995 it published, which was published at the time, yellow American newspaper Weekly World News,. Truth in it – in the newspaper – almost never was. In the same issue, for example, talked not only about skeletons in the aircraft, but also about living a 10-month-old baby from the wreck of Titanic, who was found floating in the North Atlantic Lifebuoy after 82 years after the disaster.

The real story is much more mysterious. There are cases that really make you think about some failures in time and space.

In 1937, over the Pacific Ocean plane Amelia Earhart disappeared. American journalist, pilot, fly around the world committed feminist. Approaching the island on which she cooked for intermediate landing strip. But suddenly lost sight of him. Island seemed to be gone. On the ground, lost radio contact with the Amelia. Her Lockheed”has been found so far.

In 1947, in the Rocky Mountains in the United States, the plane crashed S-46, which was carrying 32 people. Rescuers quickly reach the scene of the accident, they saw only the twisted fuselage. No trace of the passengers and crew were never discovered.

In 1979, barely fly from Tokyo, Brazilian disappeared Boeing 707, who drove in Rio de Janeiro artwork. After takeoff, the pilot reported that everything is in order and more not communicate. Large-scale search operation results failed.

Some mysterious incident ended safely. In 1955, an American pilot, being over Korea, moved an hour on his B-26 over a distance of a thousand kilometers. Given that the maximum speed of the aircraft barely exceeded 500 kilometers per hour. Another pilot on the vehicle Boeing, with a maximum speed of 600 kilometers per hour, half an hour flying 700 miles, arriving at Guam much earlier than expected.

Who knows, maybe at high altitude suddenly blew some crazy – unprecedented strength – tailwinds that pushed the aircraft? Or machines, as we are assured some hotheads, hit the anomalous zones with a different course of time? And miraculously got. Fiction, of course … But suddenly?

Sensation experts quickly discovered the cult television series Lost. Reported by French news agency AFP. And indicated that shown in the Bolivian television footage taken from the series.

Anyone can make revising the very first series of the first season. The quality of images used PAT, very bad. But easily identified passengers sitting in the oxygen masks in the foreground – a man and a woman in a tie with a bracelet on her right hand. They are in the movie. Not be confused.

But people initially believed in what he shot in the incident really Airbus believed in found on the seabed and recovered the camera memory card. Especially that experts recognize that this is possible. After the memory card is sealed. And she is not afraid of water.

It is possible that Bolivian trick someone will repeat now. But for this we must find the wreckage of the Malaysian Boeing. They now began to look with a special device that can detect acoustic signals supplied black boxes – the flight recorders. That is, experts believe that the plane crashed after all, is at the bottom somewhere around Australia.

Similar to airplane search system scanner called The Navy’s Towed Pinger Locator 25 is towed behind the ship on a cable at a speed of 1-5 knots. Device catches signals black box that they serve every second at a frequency of 37.5 kHz, even if the boxes are located at great depths – more than 6000 meters.

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