Fusion energy earthlings enough for 30 million years

energy earthlingsInteresting facts The need for alternatives to oil and gas is growing every day.

Promising candidate for this role – fusion reactors. According to Raffi Hetchedyuriana physics, they could solve all energy problems for the next 30 million years.

The only problem is that while the establishment of a working installation nobody succeeded. To start the fusion reaction requires enormous temperature – ten times higher than in the sun. Construction of the power plant will require the solution of many technological problems.

It is this since 1985 engaged in an international project to build an experimental fusion reactor. Work greatly complicate financial problems, political conflicts and disputes between engineers involved in the project.

But the successful completion of the project embodied the old dream of physicists to the creation of a practically inexhaustible and environmentally friendly source of energy.

Unlike nuclear power plants, the process of nuclear fusion does not generate hazardous waste. Now construction is in full swing and has already set the date of the planned start of installation – it will be held in 2020

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