Cruel truths that will make you better

truthsKnock you bottom out and cause your head to work. number 5. The world only cares about what he can get from you Let’s assume that the person you love most in the world, has just been shot. Lying on the street, bleeding and screaming. Good guy and tells you to Get. He looks around the wound and pulls out your favorite penknife – is going to operate on the street. You ask, Are you a doctor? He replied:No.

You say, But you know what you’re doing, huh? At this point, the guy leaves itself. He says that he is a good, honest, he always arrives on time. He reports that he is a great son, his life is full of fascinating hobby, and yet he was proud that he never foul language. Are you confused, What a fucking importance is everything when my love is here and bleed! I need someone who knows how to handle gunshot wounds! Can you or not?

And now the guy starts to agitate – what are you so superficial and selfish? You what? Do not care about it all these great qualities? Did not you hear what he said to you that he always remembers the birthday of his girlfriend? And in light of all these cool pieces, really does make a difference whether he knows how to operate? At this point you jump, grab it with his bloody hands by the shoulders, shake up and yelled, Yes, none of this shit does not matter, because it special situation, and I need someone who can stop the bleeding, you sick fucking bastard.

 And here it is, my terrible thing about the adult world: You are in the exact same situation every single day. And you’re the guy on the spot with a penknife, and society – bleeding victim shooting. If you want to know why society seems to avoid you, or why you do not respect, it’s because society is full of people who need something . They need built homes, they need food, they need entertainment, they need a satisfactory sexual intercourse.

And you arrived at the scene of an emergency with a penknife in hand, simply by virtue of his birth – the moment when you come into this world, you become part of a system designed strictly to listen to people’s needs. zamorocheno Or are you on task listen to people’s needs and earn a unique set of skills, or the world you in the ass.

And no matter how you kind, generous and polite. You’re poor, you’re alone, you are out in the cold. It seems cruel, primitive or materialistic? How about love and kindness – do they mean nothing? Of course, mean.Until they are – due to the fact that you are doing something to people that they can not get elsewhere. number

4. What you are doing is not obliged to make money, it should benefit the people , let me give you an example not about the money, which you can not argue. I read a few dozen stories a year from desperate lonely guys. These guys resent that women do not want to be with them, despite the fact that they are the sweetest in the world. I can not explain what is wrong with this set of mental facilities, but Alec Baldwin again to make it better than me. In this case, Baldwin plays the role of attractive women.

They certainly did not say so directly and sharply – society teaches us to be honest with people – but the essence is the same. Nice guy? Who cares? If you want to work here, to implement the plan.What? You say that I will not have a good girl as long as I do not have a good salary and a lot of money?  No, your mind jumps to the same conclusion that you had an excuse not to take into account anyone who is not with you agree, because he just superficial and selfish.

I ask, what do you suggest? You’re smart? Funny? Interesting? Talented? Ambitious? Creative? Ok, so what are you doing to demonstrate these qualities to the world? Do not tell me you’re a good guy – this is not enough. Do pretty girls have guys that are sweet to them 36 times a day. The patient is bleeding in the street. You know how to operate it or not? Well, I’m not sexist, not racist, not greedy, not cruel! Not like the rest of you bastards!  Sorry, I know it’s hard to hear, but if all you can do is a list of deficiencies, which you do not, then stand back to hell from the patient.

Yonder witty hunk with a promising career is ready to operate. It broke your heart? Okay, now what? You’re going to mope about it or go to a surgeon to learn? Depends on you, but do not complain that the girls sink to the dregs, they sink to the dregs because those bastards have something to offer them. But I’m good at listening! Yes? Because you want to sit quietly rather than to get a chance to be intimate with a pretty girl? Now imagine that this girl’s life, there is another guy who knows how to listen, and he also plays guitar.

Saying that you’re a good guy – is like being a restaurant that does not sell different dishes, but simply food that you will not poison.  You’re like a new movie titled Cinema in English and the slogan The actors can be clearly seen. I think this is why you can be a good guy and still feel awful thinking about yourself. Namely … number 3. You hate yourself because you’re not doing anything So what? You say that I should read a book about how to find a girl? Yes, but only if the first step in this book,Become the person next to you girls want to be.

This step is always omitted. Always How do I find a job? Rather than How can I be the person dreamed of employers? Always How to make sure that I like beautiful girls? Rather than How can I be the one to enjoy beautiful girls ?. See, it’s all because the second question probably require you to tie with many of your favorite hobby, pay more attention to their appearance, and god knows what else.

You may even have to change your personality. But why can not I find someone who will love me this way I am? you ask. Answer: Because many people need. Victim bleeds, and all you can do is watch and suffer, that there is a world of gunshot wounds that are treated by themselves. Here is another video. What stops you from being able to fasten truselya and cloak, jump on stage and waving penis in public? This guy knows the secret to winning in human life: to do something … better than not to do it. But I’m not at all good!.

Well, I have good news – enough time to repeat, and you can be Not bad throughout. I’ve been doing a shitty writer when he was a teenager. I got a little better at. And while I desperately failed in my career, I wrote in my spare time for eight consecutive years, according to an article in the week before he began getting money for it. It took me 13 years to become a good enough writer and hit the bestseller list New York Times. It took 20,000 hours of practice to polish my shitty texts. not like the prospect of spending all your time getting skills? Well, I have good news and bad news.

Good – such selfless practice will help you to get out of his shell – I survived years boring office work, because I knew that I get unique skills on the side. People throw thing halfway, because the results are not immediately, because they can not imagine that the process – this is the result. Bad news – you have no choice. If you want to work here, follow the plan. neekspertnomu In my opinion, you do not hate yourself because of low self-esteem, not because people are cruel to you. You hate yourself because you’re not doing anything.

Even you can not love yourself for who you are – that’s why you are unhappy and are sending me a private message asking what you should do with your life. Solve the puzzle: How much time do you spend on consumer piece made by other people, instead of doing something different? It only adds value to your existence. And if you do not like to hear this, if you meet the phrase “What matters is what’s inside you, which is heard as a child, I can tell you one thing … number 2.

What is within you, it is important only if it makes you do something Because I’m in this business, I know a bunch of aspiring authors. They think of themselves that they writers, they seem so at parties, they are aware of it deep inside, they writers heart. The only thing they’re missing – where in reality their bloody work. But really does it matter? Written – everything that is important to determine who is a writer and who is not? For the sake of the Lord’s love, yes.

This general method of protection against all of what I mentioned above, and for a long time, and from any voice criticism in your life. This is the thing that tells us our egos to protect us from the drudgery of a I know that I am a good person inside. Can also be formulated as I know who I am and I just have to be yourself. Do not get me wrong, you’re inside – everything. The guy who built a house for my family from scratch and from scrap materials, did it because he’s so inside.

Any bad thing that you have done, started with a bad impulse, a thought ricocheted inside your skull as long as you were not forced to do it. And any good deed done by the same principle. “Who are you inside – a metaphorical manure on which to grow your fruit. And that’s what everyone should know. And the fact that many of you can not accept:You – a fruit and nothing else. Nobody cares about your manure. Who are you inside has no meaning apart from the fact that you are producing for other people. Inside you have a great compassion for the poor. Excellent.

The result of this compassion became some action on this? Did you hear about some terrible tragedy and talk at the same time, Oh, poor children. Tell them what I think about them?  Go fuck, if this is so – find out what they need and help. One hundred million people watched the video Kony, virtually all of them thought about those poor African children. But what made this society of these thoughts? Ferris shit. Children are dying every day due to the fact that millions of us say to themselves that worry – it’s as good as done. This is an internal mechanism, controlled by the lazy part of our brain which protects us from the real action.

How many of you are going around in circles and repeats, She / he certainly would love me if you only knew / know what I’m an interesting person! Really? And all these your interesting thoughts and ideas could convey yourself to the world? Or should they cause action? If a girl or guy of your dreams you would be filmed with a hidden camera for a month, they would have been impressed by what he saw then? Remember, they do not read thoughts, they can only see. They would want to be part of your life? All I ask you is to apply to themselves the same standards you apply to others. You probably have an annoying Christian friend, all of which is to help I pray for them.

It’s not driving you crazy? I am not commenting now, prayers work or not, but it does not change the fact that this man chose the type of aid that does not require him to tear your ass off the couch. These people abstain from all evil, their thoughts are pure, their inner manure clean as much as possible, but what fruit it grow? And they need to understand it better than anyone else – I stole fruit metaphor from the Bible.

Jesus repeated something like a tree is judged by its fruit again and again, and again. Jesus never said, If you want to work here, follow the plan. No, he said, Every tree that does not gives good fruit should be cut down and thrown into the fire (Matthew). People react badly when they say such things. As managers of the film reacted badly to the words of Alec Baldwin that they should finally grow eggs or change jobs at shoe cleaning.

Which brings us to the final point. number 1. Everything inside you will struggle with the development of the human mind – it is a miracle, and you’ll never see it work better than when he was fighting against the clear evidence of the need for change. Your mind is equipped with protection mechanisms designed for shooting anything that can budge some things inside you – ask any addict.

Even now, some of you are reading this and feel how the brain automatically bombards old and requires not accept it. From my own experience I can say that the bombing may take the form of: – Intentional understanding of any criticism as insult “Who is he to call me lazy and useless! Nice people would not talk to me! He wrote all this just to feel superior over me, so I felt like shit! And I will not leave it,

I leveled the score! – Focusing on who is speaking, and not on what they say , Who is he to tell me how to live! Oh, look at him, as he’s big and strong! And in fact, another moronic graphomaniac from the web! Go and dig up something on it that will convince me that he’s dumb! This pretentious, that makes me sick! I saw his old rap videos on YouTube, and his rhymes – sucks! – Focusing on the message tone, rather than its content , I break all until I find a joke that sounds insulting, being taken out of context, and then will talk and think only about her! I’ve heard that one harsh word could bury the whole book!  – Edit your own stories It’s not so bad!

I know that I tried to commit suicide in the past month, but now I feel better! It is likely that if I continue in the same vein, all eventually work itself! I’ll take a long pause, and continue to show interest in the girl, with the result that she will come!  – Confidence that any change in itself – it is a betrayal of this myself , Aha, that is, I have to throw all of their comics and instead plow on 6 hours a day in the gym? And use bronzer all these assholes from the TV show? Because it is the only alternative.  And so on. Remember, suffering – it’s convenient. That is why many people prefer them. Happiness requires effort.

And courage. Incredibly handy to know that if you did not create in this life, no one can attack what you have created. How much easier to just sit on your ass and criticize what others create. Movies stupid. Here is a couple of bad mannered children. Relationship of this couple mired in confusion. This small as rich people.

That restaurant – sucks. This online writer – a nerd. I’d rather leave a comment for his work, which would, from the site to be fired. You see, I created something. And wait, I forgot to mention it? Yes, everything, no matter what you tried to build or create – whether it be a poem, a new skill, a new relationship – you immediately find yourself surrounded by “non-creators”, swears that you did.

May be behind you, but they will do it. Your friends will be drunk against your sobriety. Your friends do not want thick that you start a new fitness regime. Your friends are not unemployed want to see your dive into a career.

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