Chinese Jade Rabbit woke up and began to send signals to Earth

16 Mar

 The long-suffering Chinese Jade Rabbit on Friday morning woke up at the end of its third lunar night on earth satellite. However, problems that threaten its future performance, are still unable to solve.

 For two weeks  the lunar night  rover Tutu  falls into a state of hibernation and does not send signals to Earth.

State Administration of Science, Technology and the State Defense Industry State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National De fence  TASTING announced on its website that the rover woke up after the third period of hibernation at 06:42 Beijing time.

 Lander Chang-e-3 which is also in sleep mode during the lunar night woke up on Wednesday, adds TASTING.

 Mechanical problems in the Jade Rabbit were discovered Jan. 25, just before the rover had to go into sleep mode. This has raised fears that the rover may not wake up. However, to the relief of Chinese people and many others who have followed the fate of the Chinese lunar rover, he again began to send signals to mid-February. At the same mechanical problems until persists – said in a statement issued on Friday TASTING.

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