Bereavement- And what you felt?

01 Mar

HistoryUnable to immediately take someone’s death. Man refuses (!) Understand and accept that nothing can not be changed. What a stupid people are frightening life. Because every day it gives us a chance to be happy. Only death is not able to leave us no choice.

This dull burning pain of despair fills every cell of our body. Whole body broke out, cuts, twists, breaks and break out again! And there’s no escape and no escape.

It is everywhere! It is everywhere! And the worst of it can not escape … And thousands of questions in our heads start spinning with incredibly breakneck speed. They fight, knock, shout! With insanely terrible force, with prohibitively terrible pain! About every stenochku our brain. And those questions, the answers to which will never get! It’s over.

Guilt that pervades in our very heart and the very depth of our soul, we will never be able to burn anything. Past from which there is no escape and solitude, loneliness comprehensive, huge and empty hole inside, in the middle of our body that has never and in no way complete. No! It’s not true that time heals.

Time does not heal. Never. Time is very cruel. Makes memories naked, throwing like a shadow all the details and leaving only the essence. A truly terrible essence. Of course, a person can live with anything, but sometimes, in practice, it turns out that life is more complicated than just walk away … Always have to pay for everything.

So, what I’m calling you! I urge you to ensure that you appreciated that every day, one every hour, every second, and they are every moment spent together with the family and with the favorite, with the closest and most valuable for you people! Cherish this time. After all, each of us knows exactly when the end will come to our closest people.

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