Why we need to eat nuts

NutsMany people who eat nuts once a week, the risk of heart disease is reduced by 25% compared with those who had not touch them, experts say.

Peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, Brazil nuts, macadamia, pecans and walnuts reduce the level of bad cholesterol, which is devastating, while maintaining a high level of good. Continue reading “Why we need to eat nuts”

Ten amazing animals that are able to speak

SpeakIf you have a pet, then you probably have at least a few times talking to him as if it is – a man. But the animals, by itself, can not talk. Or can they? Suggest you read about ten different animals, from elephants to the vast small dogs who have something to say about it.

1. Kaushik, elephant

Kaushik – Asian elephant, has a special talent: he can talk. However, only a little, just five words in Korean: annyong (hi), anja (sit), aniya (no), nuo (lie) and choah (good). Continue reading “Ten amazing animals that are able to speak”

Cruel truths that will make you better

truthsKnock you bottom out and cause your head to work. number 5. The world only cares about what he can get from you Let’s assume that the person you love most in the world, has just been shot. Lying on the street, bleeding and screaming. Good guy and tells you to Get. He looks around the wound and pulls out your favorite penknife – is going to operate on the street. You ask, Are you a doctor? He replied:No.

You say, But you know what you’re doing, huh? At this point, the guy leaves itself. He says that he is a good, honest, he always arrives on time. He reports that he is a great son, his life is full of fascinating hobby, and yet he was proud that he never foul language. Are you confused, Continue reading “Cruel truths that will make you better”

Scientists have created a cure for female infidelity

FemaleScientists have created a drug of female infidelity. Treason – one of the first reasons for the separation of cohesive pairs. Need to deal with the problem comprehensively by preventing such a development. It is not always obvious why adultery, because scientists have developed a cure for treason. Today, however, only from the female …

Researchers from Italy have invented a medicine that can affect the sexual behavior of the fair sex and prevent trips to the left. This is done by correcting the hormonal levels in women. Continue reading “Scientists have created a cure for female infidelity”

Tips for survival, which is actually deadly

deadlyMany tips on survival in the wild, familiar to us from movies and TV shows, in fact erroneous and even deadly.

1. If finding themselves alone in the wilderness first thing you prefer prey food, you can make a mistake, because in fact you can live without it for several days. It would be wise to keep power that is really of paramount importance – to find shelter and prevent dehydration. Continue reading “Tips for survival, which is actually deadly”

Why do they think about aliens world

Aliens worldOnce happened to meet one person who claimed that he was a citizen of one of the alien, and the world is on a business trip to study us and our lifestyle. He looked absolutely normal, and any doubts about his mental illness did not arise. Bit unusual color of skin and eyes, and that if you look good.

My question about what he was most interested in our lives, he said that only one event – a food chain. The fact that they have on the planet, all quite similar to what happens with us. Continue reading “Why do they think about aliens world”

Malaysian Boeing plane fell into a hole in time?

Malaysian BoeingVanished liner may declare decades later. This has already happened. DC-3 plane, missing In 1939 year on the way from Rio de Janeiro, Havana, 55 years later landed at the airport in the Colombian capital of Bogota. This story recently spread through Internet, along with its accompanying creepy details.

They say that Douglas suddenly appeared on the radar screen. Landing, miraculously faced soaring liner. And when on board nowhere seized aircraft climbed workers aeronautical services, we saw that sit in chairs skeletons. All – 36 passengers. Continue reading “Malaysian Boeing plane fell into a hole in time?”

The human body that science can not answer

BodyWe now know about the human body is much more than ever before, but despite the huge number of important studies, many of our features still remains a mystery.

1. Why do we have fingerprints?

Despite the obvious benefits of fingerprints, science really does not know anything about their natural function. Some scientists have developed sophisticated computer models to understand how fingerprints are formed, and although we now know about it, why evolution has given them to us, nothing is unknown.

Continue reading “The human body that science can not answer”

The mystery of the Egyptian pyramids will not be solved

pyramidsSince that time, as the Egyptian pyramids were built by people asking questions: what purpose and by whom they were erected?

Is to create tombs for pharaohs for millennia and perpetuate their names? But, according to Egyptologists, in the biggest pyramids that are located on a plateau near Cairo Giza found only empty sarcophagi and mummies of pharaohs were not found. In recent years, there were various hypotheses on the appointment of the pyramids: Continue reading “The mystery of the Egyptian pyramids will not be solved”

Fusion energy earthlings enough for 30 million years

energy earthlingsInteresting facts The need for alternatives to oil and gas is growing every day.

Promising candidate for this role – fusion reactors. According to Raffi Hetchedyuriana physics, they could solve all energy problems for the next 30 million years.

The only problem is that while the establishment of a working installation nobody succeeded. Continue reading “Fusion energy earthlings enough for 30 million years”