Why we can not remember the morning of my dreams

dreamsFrench scientists from Lyon Neurosurgery Center figured out how the human brain stores memories of dreams and why only a few can remember in the morning, that they dreamed of a few short hours ago.

For the memories of dreams we meet proprietorial junction, a small region of the brain, which, in accordance with the name of the temple and is located between the parietal. That night it misses information about sleep. He is also responsible for the localization of the subjective feeling of space and perception of the world is from this point in space Perrine Ruby and colleagues tried to find the difference between those who remember the dreams, and most people can not tell in the morning, what do they dream at night.

The main difference lies in the intensity of activity temporo-parietal junction. Those who remember the dreams, he works a lot harder. The first awake during sleep twice second. Increased activity of the brain, on the one hand, promotes vigilance, but on the other hand, allows the brain better remember dreams.

In order to remember the information, the brain must be awake, Sleeping brain does not remember new information. Scientists from Lyon took advantage of positron emission tomography. The study involved 41 volunteers. They were divided into two equal groups of numbers.

The first group consisted of those who can remember at least 5 dreams per week. The second group consisted of 20 people from among those who remembered an average of two per month sleep. According to PET for those who remember the dreams, TPJ activity is significantly higher during sleep as well as during periods of wakefulness.

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