Why mouse tilted?

mouseEver wonder why all the mouse cursors on all operating systems displayed at an angle, rather than vertically? It would seem a silly question, but they decided enforces one of the users of the site Stack Exchange, where anyone can ask his question concerning the IT-sphere, and often get a response from knowledgeable experts.

So, one of these experts, familiar with the history of computer technology, the answer to this question could still be found. The fact that the inventor of the computer mouse Douglas Engelbert actually portrayed the mouse as a vertical arrow upwards.

According to him, it was the most logical option selection. In turn, for the first time in practice GUI operating system could realize the company Xerox, to be exact – Palo Alto Research Center, which is its research and development department.

The specifications XEROX PARC, the first in the history of computers with a graphical interface, the cursor has been described in a document in 1981. During the design of this machine engineers found that due to the extremely low resolution monitors of the time, a set of pixels do not display the required size of the vertical cursor.

As a result, engineers have found an elegant solution to the problem. Instead of increasing the size of the cursor, they decide it is slightly tilted at an angle to one of its faces is positioned vertically and the other – bent at 45 degrees.

Despite the fact that since more than thirty years, and ultra-high resolution display appears, tradition cursor image 45 degrees left.

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