Viktor Yanukovych gave a press conference in Rostov-on-Don

YanukovychAt a press conference in Rostov-on-Don dismissed from office by the Verkhovna Rada, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said that he was forced to leave Ukraine because of threats received against himself and his loved ones.

Dismissal from office by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych held a press conference in Rostov-on-Don. At the beginning of his speech, he said that he would not give up the fight for the future of Ukraine. Yanukovych stressed that he was not toppled, and Ukraine had to leave because of continuing threats that come against him and his family. How do you know seized power in Ukraine nationalist, pro-fascist thugs, representing an absolute minority of the population of Ukraine.

Existing way out – doing all that was due to the agreement between the President of Ukraine, opposition foreign ministers of France, Germany and Poland, as well as the representative of the Russian Federation, – said Viktor Yanukovych. removal of the President considers it necessary to hold a national referendum questions for which shall be prepared with the participation of public organizations, a wide range of civil society.

Touching they have pressing issues for further development of the country, the Constitution and the political system, he added. Human sacrifice that took place in Ukraine, were the result of the policy of the West, Yanukovych. Shocks and victims – are the consequences of the political crisis, the result of irresponsible policies of the West, which pandered Maidan, – he said. The President expressed the hope that Ukraine will be able to overcome this crisis.

Referring to the situation in Crimea, Yanukovych stressed that the peninsula should remain a part of Ukraine with the widest possible autonomy. Formation of vigilante groups is a natural reaction to what is happening in Kiev. Crimeans will not obey the nationalists and Bendera, – said Yanukovych. Refer to the Russian authorities for military help Ukrainian president has no plans. Viktor Yanukovych told reporters that he was in Rostov-on-Don at the invitation of his old friend.

Return to Ukraine is possible with security guarantees for him and his family. He stressed that Russian President Vladimir Putin, he has not yet met, but spoke on the phone. Early presidential elections in Ukraine, scheduled for May 25, Viktor Yanukovych considers illegal, and will not take part in them. It is also believed that the destabilization of the political situation and the loss of Russia as an economic partner became the reasons preddefoltnogo state of the economy of Ukraine.

Viktor Yanukovych apologized to the people of Ukraine for the fact that he was not strong enough to maintain stability. He also stressed that the meeting with the soldiers of Special Forces Berkut also brought them apologize. According to Yanukovych, it’s really the people who were unarmed and survived.

They poured Molotov cocktails, burning them, they were shot from rifles and killed. I apologized to them. Once again I want to reiterate that I apologize to these courageous people who were suffering and innocent – Yanukovych said at a press conference in Rostov-on-Don. Russia can not be indifferent, to stand aside when it comes to such a large partner, such as Ukraine, Yanukovych said. According to him, the neighboring state should do everything possible to prevent chaos and terror. President confident that the scenario that unfolds now in Ukraine, writing beyond.

I am confident that it will take time and will triumph truth, and the truth will know all the many, many issues, because now there is, unfortunately, terrible pageant involving insurgents and the authors of this bloody scenario- he said at a press conference.You think you will agree with me that there is no more the person concerned, and it was not what I and my team to avoid the bloodshed that it all ended peacefully, but probably not this script was written in Ukraine, – said Yanukovych.

Finally press conference Yanukovych appealed to the new Ukrainian authorities. He urged to stop atrocities, because for all will be held accountable. “Already the end is clear. Never Ukrainian people will not agree with you together to live in such a country. So I want to say, go away and do not allow further lawlessness and sorrow Ukrainian people.

Earlier, Viktor Yanukovych in the political crisis in Ukraine asked the Russian authorities to ensure his personal safety, and Russia responded to his request. eve Viktor Yanukovych released a statement saying that he still considers himself the legitimate president of the country. Unfortunately, what is happening now in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, has no legitimate character.

Decisions made by the Parliament in the absence of many members of the faction Party of Regions and other factions who fear for their safety, and some have even been subjected to physical violence and forced to leave the territory of Ukraine are illegal,- said in his address. Verkhovna Rada appointed early presidential elections on May 25.

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