The Yellowstone super volcano

volcanoScientists alarming trends occur in Super Volcano, located under Yellowstone National Park. Events that have been seen, observed shortly before the eruption of other volcanoes.

This sharp increase in the height of the caldera, the appearance and the appearance of new cracks gas Helium-4, a very rare type of Helium. The presence of this gas, very worried scientists. If there is an eruption of Yellowstone, it would be a global catastrophe.

Since the summer of 2013 in Yellowstone noted increase in the number of earthquakes, and in the last five months, seismic station recorded a lifting surface of the earth, covering the mouth of a volcano on the 3.5 cm Helium-4 is a predictor of volcanic activity.

For example, as the volcanic island of Hierro, the smallest of Spain’s Canary Islands. This volcano erupted for seven months in 2011 and 2012.

The results of observations:

1) The Earth inside a giant crater Yellowstone rises and moves to the south-east.

2) Helium-4, appeared on the Yellowstone in an incredibly large quantities.

3) When the Helium-4 was seen at other volcanoes, he appeared shortly before the major eruptions of these volcanoes.

4) Prior to the beginning of the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes occur near the volcano, and one of the largest earthquakes of magnitude M3.6, occurred close to Yellowstone crater on February 11.

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