The human brain lives even after death

 After death Human brain livesEven after his death, he very much alive. Researchers from the University of Montreal conducted an experiment in which it was recorded: the human brain continues to live even after it is considered dead.

Canadian scientists have found a previously unknown and deep coma. Such a discovery will force doctors to reconsider the term brain death. Live results will help clinicians in assessing the depth of coma patients.

The reason for the study was the discovery of Romanian doctors. They noticed activity in the brain of the patient, which was introduced drug for epilepsy, while the patient was in a deep coma. To verify this phenomenon, Canadian scientists were tested 26 cats.

From anesthesia animals were immersed in the state of medical coma. Fixing the brain activity of animals in various stages of coma, scientists simultaneously measured EEG data and analyzed the state of the cells of the cortex and hippo campus.

As a result, they were able to identify similar brain activity. According to scientists, the further study of this topic will allow to achieve conservation functions of the human brain, arriving in a coma.

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