The great mysteries of the soul

soulDo souls can really is people in the world of the living? And if this is true, this means the death of the human body – life does not end? In 2013, American and Japanese scientists said that after twenty-seven years of research, they finally managed to uncover the mystery of the soul.

With the help of special devices, they not only managed to capture the output of the soul from the body, but determined matter of which it is composed.

It turned out that the human soul – a clot of proton-neutron structure which repeats the shape of the human body. But what does it mean? From a school course in physics, each of us knows that the neutrons and protons – are tiny particles that make up everything in the world.

They have no color, and more closely resemble the translucent structures that are so small that a person is unable to see them. During the experiment, experts found that within 3-5 minutes after cardiac arrest, the soul separates from the body.

However, this process does not happen instantaneously. Scientists estimate that it may take three days. Every hour the soul is more detached from his physical body, until finally completely leaves the body.

Then she begins to dissolve into space and this phenomenon has a scientific explanation. Scientists explain: after death, our body’s cells begin to collapse and lose their ability to maintain the energy of the soul. That is why, having lost its shell, they disappear into space.

If during sleep, a person is able to feel his soul separated from the body, it may be that in those moments when our mind and body sink into a deep sleep, the soul goes on a journey to afterlife … We do not know what awaits us after death, we can not find evidence of the existence of the afterlife. We bid farewell to the last journey of the dead ones, making colorful rituals, but no one can say for sure – whether they are the soul that has left its physical shell.

However, each of us not for a moment doubt that the soul exists. So after life, life will come again. And does it matter what it will be …

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