Scientists suggest that the poles of the Earth are going to roll over

01 Feb

the Earth poleLocated deep within the Earth’s molten core that generates a magnetic field that protects the planet from the ravages of solar winds. Protective field extends thousands of kilometers into space and its magnetism affects all human life – from the migration of animals to weather conditions.

However, this magnetic field is incredibly important for all life on Earth over the past 200 years has weakened by 15%. And that, scientists say, could be a sign that the poles of the earth are going to roll over. Experts believe that this revolution is not far away, but to say exactly when this might happen, they can not.

If the revolution happens, the planet would be exposed to the solar wind, which can easily destroy the ozone layer. This impact could be devastating for humanity, affecting the power, radically changing climate and increasing cases of cancer.

This is a real danger – said Richard Hill, a professor of Earth, Ocean and Environmental Sciences at the University of Liverpool. – Just imagine what would happen if humanity will remain without electricity for several months. This will collapse, because nowadays almost all production depend on it . ”

The Earth’s climate will change dramatically. Scientists from Denmark believe that global warming is directly related to the magnetic field, rather than emissions CO2. According to the study, the Earth is experiencing a natural period of low cloud cover due to fewer cosmic rays penetrating the atmosphere. Radiation levels on the surface will also increase. According to some estimates, the total number of penetrating cosmic radiation on Earth will increase by several times, causing cancer deaths will rise by at least half.

Researchers predict that if the coup poles, each year hundreds of thousands of people will die from the increased levels of cosmic radiation. Magnetosphere – the region of space around the Earth, which is produced by the magnetic field of our planet. Its presence indicates that the charged particles of the solar wind can not cross the magnetic field lines and are deflected from their original territory, skirting the Earth.

Currently space agencies tend to take the threat seriously pole shift. In November, three spacecraft were launched to find out how the Earth’s magnetic field. Mission plans to provide the best card of the magnetic field of the planet and help scientists understand the effects of space weather on satellite communications and GPS.

The mission will also provide an opportunity to make a detailed map of the modern Earth’s magnetic field, but is historic evidence of the deterioration of his condition, have already been found in a surprising source – ancient pottery. Scientists have discovered that ancient pots can act as a magnetic time capsule. They possess this property because they contain based minerals iron magnetite.

Previously, scientists have reported that the observed shift in recent years, the magnetic poles of the Earth Stood Still.

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