Most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Niagara FallsWaterfall is considered to be any place in the fall of water in the river from a height of one meter. But in this case, size is crucial: a stream of water falling from a great height, you can enjoy forever.

North America – Niagara Falls
One of the three falls, Horseshoe, located in Canada. These two, the American and Bridal Veil, – in the U.S..

City of Niagara Falls, standing almost on the waterfall, not only feeds his energy, but also income from millions of tourists each year who come to admire the spectacle. It is difficult to imagine, but in 1969 the American Falls for several months have been drained – for work to strengthen slopes and prevent erosion. And in January of this year for the first time after they were frozen in 1947.

Australia – Barron
Barron water fallsMost of the water from the Barron pulls over power, so only in the rainy season the waterfall (Height – 107 m, width – up to 259 m) is gaining momentum. At other times it flows sparse streams, and in times of drought may dry up altogether. Admire the waterfall coming from the tourist city of Cairns retropoezde.

Europe – Ryukandefossen
Ryukandefossen Water fallsIts name means smoking waterfall (Height – 18 m). This is not surprising in the warmer months, when the raging river Merkedela eating melting snows in the mountains. But most of the year waterfall is in a frozen state, and is the object of extreme entertainment for tourists, climbers, campers next door in HeHemsedal.

South America – Iguazu
Iguazu Water fallsTitle waterfall in Guarani means big water. Once the U.S. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, seeing the Devil’s Throat – the most impressive part of the complex – exclaimed: Poor Niagara! Iguazu – one of the favorite among tourists and filmmakers waterfalls.

Russia – Kinzelyuksky Falls
Kinzelyuksky Water FallsOne of the highest waterfalls (Falling height – 90 m, the total height – 328 m) in Russia and Asia is located in a remote location in the center of the Eastern Sayan. Stream comes from glacial lake, then enters the lower lake, and from there to the river Kinzelyuk.

Africa РVictoria 
Victoria water fallsAbove the Falls (width – up to 1951m,Height – up to 105 m) Zambezi River flows through the wide flat basalt slab in the valley, washing many islands (the closer to the falls, the more of them). The water then falls steeply into the narrow gorge deeper than 100 mW moat, if specially carved across the river, boils in the trap and pulled ahead by a single zigzag duct. In 2013, Zimbabwe’s ruling party expressed its intention to consolidate the local name for the falls thundering smoke. Smoke over the waterfall, by the way, can be seen for 50 kilometers.

Asia – Pongur
Pongur Water fallsSeven-level waterfall is 35 kilometers from the city of Dalat is one of the largest and most beautiful in Vietnam. But so it is, like many tropical waterfalls, only during the rainy season. Pongur – a landmark not only for tourists but also for locals who gather here in January for traditional rituals and folk games. Height – 40 m, width – about 100 m

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