Google may be the first company that has adopted the three laws of robotics

01 Feb

RobotRumors about ethical council, accompanied the recent acquisition Google – the company Deep Mind Technologies, – may allude to create uniform laws of robotics in the future.

Science fiction is littered with positive sense ideas about artificial intelligence. From the first whispers of a mechanical consciousness performed Samuel Butler in 1906 to modern, fully formed digital people like Cortana in the franchise Halo, all the evidence suggests that one day machines will be able to think and act independently.Google has taken incredible steps fantastic over the past few months, actively encouraging the imagination of science fiction fans, since acquired rapidly developing company to create a two-legged robots. Everything in the collection – robots and artificial intelligence: a picture can become after ten years, if not sooner. Nevertheless, we all grew up with the idea that both robots and artificial intelligence to control, and that will be a complete termination.
Artificial intelligence, in a general sense, are an essential part of the activities and services of Google. Google Now, search technology, delivery networks operate on a very, very advanced algorithms. For your future company bought Deep Mind Technologies, technology which is thought of as people who play video games.
It is unclear how this technology will be used in Google, but have heard that with the purchase will be formed and the Council on Ethics, which will help to develop rules for the application of artificial intelligence.
Google has a number of things that the Ethics Board is necessary. Being a contractor DARPA, the creator of self-propelled vehicles and uniting dozens of the brightest minds in the robotics company, Google has more than a few applications that require a more literate population. In addition, it is imperative that Google was inside the Council on Ethics, collected from the employees, you can trust and who are familiar with the inner workings of the company. Say, will not be superfluous.
The next few steps will be for Google is incredibly important, because right now the company is on the front edge of these technologies. Regulations concerning the use of artificial intelligence not only help hone the specifics Google, but will also give corporations more influence on the world community of the same developers. Standard may be the same for organizations that decide to move in the same direction. This move puts Google in a unique position of power and authority in the field of artificial intelligence, and can make the company responsible for making the first three laws of robotics.
Four simple ways to the development of artificial intelligence
Working with large volumes of data
Market large volumes of data matured for several years. There are lots of technologies that can be chewed and spit out their numbers in a table or chart. The problem is that there is a difference between having the data at hand and their understanding. Entrepreneurs begin to fill this gap by using technologies that not only synthesize the data, but also interpret them. One of these companies, the Chicago Narrative Science, has developed a program called Quill, who already knows how to make written reports to users in the form of stories. In addition to the $ 11.5 million raised last year, Narrative Science also supports the investment arm of the CIA In-Q-Tel.
Creating intelligent robots
Days of robots that perform simple tasks and production controlled by people far from complete, but still an increase in start-ups who want to build a completely autonomous car. In this list there and Baxter, a good robot from Rethink Robotics, which is already on the market and that is already trained. Others, like Hanson Robotics, invented wonderful humanoid robot that can carry on a conversation.
Creating intelligent assistants
As if people did not like Siri, it is far from perfect. That’s why some ambitious entrepreneurs strive to create a helper with artificial intelligence that would be better Siri. Incredible Labs, a start up from Khosla Ventures, has already developed Donna, a personal assistant application that not only remind you of a meeting, but say when and how to get to go. Jarvis Corp. makes a virtual assistant who has access to the Internet and answer questions, as well as control the connected devices in the smart home and is working as an Internet server.
Understanding Emotions
Artificial intelligence is needed not only for query processing and synthesizing data. Currently, some start ups are developing technologies that can understand the mood, the trend is known as affective computing. Beyond Verbal uses technology to analyze the voice intonations to determine a person’s mood. Affective software accomplishes the same task, but watching a human face. The bottom line is that understanding emotions, artificial intelligence can determine what the person needs almost in most cases.

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