Climate change may be the beginning of reversal of the Earth!

04 Feb

ClimateThe word climate is translated from the Greek word klima – the slope. More than 2,200 years ago, the term in the scientific revolution brought the ancient Greek astronomer Hipparchus. Climate general concept.

Astronomer wanted to show that it is the slope  of the Earth to the sun affects the physical and geographical changes on its surface. Called climate average atmospheric weather or mechanical varying terrain. Climate is one of the key values that provides the conditions for life on our planet. Water, soil, vegetation, animals – all this exists and develops thanks to links in a chain called climate.  Recently, we have often heard the term global climate change – restructuring of all geosystems on the planet. Average temperature increase does not mean that climate change is happening.

Warming is a consequence of processes that provoke change. Studies have shown that sea-level rise, loss of significant ice in Antarctica, hurricanes and abnormal rainfall, frost and thaw, as well as other global changes taking place on the planet in one way or another connected with the instability of the climate. Echoes of observed climate change now. This is manifested in the form of increased intensity of severe weather events, regardless of mestnosti.

Voznikayut new viral diseases and infections are often not amenable to rapid treatment. In the propagation of these factors can be applied to an extensive economic damage, threatening the stable existence of life on Earth. Moreover, if mankind does not listen to the bell and will not take any action in the future, this could lead to dangerous consequences.  German research scientists studying the processes that occurred about 12 thousand years ago, gave interesting results.

By laboratory studies of organic secretions fossil plants the last ice age, they found that the water cycle is able to contribute to abrupt climate change. The chemical composition of plants, scientists have determined that the water cycle plays a role biocatalyst affecting change the planet’s atmosphere. And as a consequence, has a significant impact on climate.

Icecap Snow Queen Earth-continent Antarctica caused more than 20 million years ago, is a source of information, the development of nature and climate of our planet. At a depth of about 2 km ice sheet has has an age of 180 thousand years. Studies in this area will not only enrich the story, but also make predictions for the future. D.Lavlok professor British Academy of Sciences, a leading expert on climate change made with the conclusion that the processes associated with climate change, will never return to its former state of balance and equilibrium. And humanity will surely face an era of change associated with climate change.

Scientists A.N.Dmitriev – Professor, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, specialist in the field of global ecology, mathematical geology and geophysical phenomena fast also shared his views on what is happening. We have entered into a global restructuring, similar to the one that took place 67 million years ago when dinosaurs died. But the complexity of breaking multiform climate machine – it is not the whole complexity of events.

The fact that the state of the solar system is more sensitive to factors that do not take into account academics – namely, to the technical activity of mankind and, most importantly, to his psychological state and spiritual direction.  There are processes of rapid climate change. Scientific evidence shows that floods, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, typhoons and hurricanes are the result of the interaction of the planet with the energy delivered to the center of the solar system.

Currently, going towards the constellation Hercules, the solar system passes through the galactic magnetic bandpass jet. According to the incoming data, on the way of its movement concentrated accumulation of substances such as ions of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, etc. The land portion receives additional energy that runs sophisticated adaptation processes. To keep the balance and equilibrium of our planet adapts to the processes in which it is located. Climatic changes generate these conversion processes, increases with increasing acceleration of changes in North and South poles.

This may be the beginning of reversal of the Earth! Improve the overall temperature of the planet leads to intensive melting of permafrost, which affects the temperature regime of the ocean. As a result, formed huge masses of warm and cold currents. Goes speedy change the Earth’s climate. Replaced secular ice comes vegetation, and at the same time and all the wildlife, and vice versa.Natural imbalance observed recently poured changes the hydrologic cycle. At one end of the light flooding, and the other drought-, uncharacteristic for this area.

Seismic activity increases, the deformation of the general field of atmospheric pressure. Today, quite often you can find information about changes in storm activity everywhere. New types of lightning carrying a much higher energy discharge. Tracking changes in the solar system. Recently, the Sun is behaving strangely and that scares more unpredictable.

Apparently, unexplained processes occurring on the Sun, associated with its magnetic inversion. The magnetic field of our star is changing because of the tension of the last sun can give birth to a “super-flash”, which will lead to ionization of the entire atmosphere and the formation of another magnetosphere.  Currently going through the process of reversal of the planet in our solar system, Uranus and Neptune. Power of electromagnetic radiation such as giant Jupiter recently increased sharply by almost half. The sharp jump in the power of electromagnetic radiation recorded on Jupiter.

Giant planet’s magnetosphere increased capacity almost doubled. Please note that the inversion of the geomagnetic field of the planet is directly connected with the magnetic field of Jupiter. And our weather and climate depends on the interaction between the Earth, Sun and Jupiter and the other planets of the solar system. Common processes in our solar system are irreversible, can dramatically change the usual way of our planet. Scientists still can not decide on the impact of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico Gulf Stream climate formation.

There is speculation that the Gulf Stream crashed into separate undercurrents, and that the temperature of water in it fell to 10 degrees because of this environmental disaster. Weather anomalies that we see everywhere, acquired a certain intensity and destructive power. So this man-made disaster, of course, affected the climate change, but whether it is the point of the report these changes impacting the Gulf Stream – it is not yet known. Perhaps the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico just to accelerate the process of climate change on Earth. Whether the disaster was a lesson for humanity? No.

Soon there was another disaster – on Fokusime all continues to cause irreparable harm to the environment, which is not known how and where to turn our planet goes around comes around. And again it is not a lesson. In such circumstances, the main problem of humanity – in the absence of community preparedness for natural disaster events. It is unfortunate that the changes do not cause people to preparatory actions. Because of the fact that the troubles have the ability to appear suddenly, they create chaos and panic. Man is unable to behave appropriately-planetary nature of current events, but also because there is folk wisdom, recorded more Latins Forewarned – forearmed!. And so – keep abreast!

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