Viktor Yanukovych gave a press conference in Rostov-on-Don

YanukovychAt a press conference in Rostov-on-Don dismissed from office by the Verkhovna Rada, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych said that he was forced to leave Ukraine because of threats received against himself and his loved ones.

Dismissal from office by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych held a press conference in Rostov-on-Don. Continue reading “Viktor Yanukovych gave a press conference in Rostov-on-Don”

Most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Niagara FallsWaterfall is considered to be any place in the fall of water in the river from a height of one meter. But in this case, size is crucial: a stream of water falling from a great height, you can enjoy forever.

North America – Niagara Falls
One of the three falls, Horseshoe, located in Canada. These two, the American and Bridal Veil, – in the U.S.. Continue reading “Most beautiful waterfalls in the world”

When in fact there was a civilization?

civilizationWhen Stephen Mitenev, an archaeologist from the University of Reading (UK), and his team began excavations in the desert, they have almost no hope to find anything there. We thought it was just a garbage dump, – he says. But sometimes in a garbage heap can find something interesting.

When Mitenev told colleagues that he wants to look for parking the Stone Age in southern Jordan, many reacted skeptically to his idea: What we find there? Nothing like there could not be.  And were wrong – there Mitenev found ruins of prehistoric settlements. Continue reading “When in fact there was a civilization?”

Why mouse tilted?

mouseEver wonder why all the mouse cursors on all operating systems displayed at an angle, rather than vertically? It would seem a silly question, but they decided enforces one of the users of the site Stack Exchange, where anyone can ask his question concerning the IT-sphere, and often get a response from knowledgeable experts.

So, one of these experts, familiar with the history of computer technology, the answer to this question could still be found. The fact that the inventor of the computer mouse Douglas Engelbert actually portrayed the mouse as a vertical arrow upwards. Continue reading “Why mouse tilted?”

Medicines for heartburn melted Woman

heartburnTechnique is widely available preparation of bowel problems almost sent the young girl to the light. Prescription drugs caused the teenager severe allergic reaction such has caused terrible consequences. After suffering an allergic reaction to widely available from heartburn pills doctors gave 17-year-old Lynn Howes only 10% survival.

Potentially fatal disease – Stevens-Johnson syndrome – all struck the girl’s body, causing her skin began to burn, and climb round shank. Syndrome developed in a trainee hairdresser from Norwich after taking 150 mg of ranitidine, which was discharged from her doctor irritable bowel syndrome. Continue reading “Medicines for heartburn melted Woman”

The great mysteries of the soul

soulDo souls can really is people in the world of the living? And if this is true, this means the death of the human body – life does not end? In 2013, American and Japanese scientists said that after twenty-seven years of research, they finally managed to uncover the mystery of the soul.

With the help of special devices, they not only managed to capture the output of the soul from the body, but determined matter of which it is composed. Continue reading “The great mysteries of the soul”

Why we can not remember the morning of my dreams

dreamsFrench scientists from Lyon Neurosurgery Center figured out how the human brain stores memories of dreams and why only a few can remember in the morning, that they dreamed of a few short hours ago.

For the memories of dreams we meet proprietorial junction, a small region of the brain, which, in accordance with the name of the temple and is located between the parietal. That night it misses information about sleep. Continue reading “Why we can not remember the morning of my dreams”

Scientists predict major earthquake in the Caribbean

earthquakeCaribbean countries in the near future expects massive earthquake. This forecast was made director of the seismic studies University of the West Indies Joan Lachman.

In the vicinity of Barbados February 18 earthquake of magnitude 6.7. This is the most powerful earthquake that occurred in the region over the past 33 years. It affected not only in Barbados, but the territory of Martinique, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. According to Joan Lachman, this earthquake was not expected in this region, reports the publication Prensa Latina. Continue reading “Scientists predict major earthquake in the Caribbean”

The Yellowstone super volcano

volcanoScientists alarming trends occur in Super Volcano, located under Yellowstone National Park. Events that have been seen, observed shortly before the eruption of other volcanoes.

This sharp increase in the height of the caldera, the appearance and the appearance of new cracks gas Helium-4, a very rare type of Helium. The presence of this gas, very worried scientists. If there is an eruption of Yellowstone, it would be a global catastrophe. Continue reading “The Yellowstone super volcano”

The human brain lives even after death

 After death Human brain livesEven after his death, he very much alive. Researchers from the University of Montreal conducted an experiment in which it was recorded: the human brain continues to live even after it is considered dead.

Canadian scientists have found a previously unknown and deep coma. Such a discovery will force doctors to reconsider the term brain death. Live results will help clinicians in assessing the depth of coma patients. Continue reading “The human brain lives even after death”