UFOs as part of a global system of control over humanity

26 Jan

UFOs Recent decades have not only the time of the sexual revolution, the environmental crisis, and many other disasters of the century, but time and another mysterious and frightening phenomenon. We are talking about unidentified flying objects. How do people explain the UFO phenomenon? Why these explanations dominated cosmic version? Here, it seems, played a big part science fiction.

Overt or disguised under the influence of the occult and Eastern religions, it has become a powerful means of planting non-Christian worldview. At a critical time for humanity fiction offers hope for visitors from outer space, which will solve all the problems of the earth and lead humanity to a new historical era.

Fantastic people and produced the appearance of a UFO. Note, the most detailed and informative evidence comes from normal, responsible for his words of educated people who are shocked by the experience and speculated about what he had seen. What they usually see in such situations? The most interesting and revealing close contacts. It was then that the UFO phenomenon and finds himself with a mental side.

There are three types of such contacts. Close encounters of the first kind – this observation luminous objects from a short distance. Describing the shape of UFOs, it is generally defined as an oval, sometimes with a dome on top. Often see the lights, rotating counterclockwise. UFO hovering low over the ground and then hiding at an incredible rate, as a rule, completely silently taking off vertically. Contacts of the first kind are striking and often inspire fear, but after they leave no material traces.

Close Encounters of the second kind are distinguished by the fact that left some startling physical and sometimes psychological traces. It marks on the ground, burned or scorched trees. It also impacts on vehicles – interference of radio devices and stop automobile engines. Observed effects on people – a brief paralysis or numbness, fever, nausea and other discomfort, temporary loss of feeling of heaviness, the sudden healing of injuries and illnesses, the disappearance of scars on his body.

An animal in such cases begins to behave in an unusual way. Another common variant of contacts of the second kind – meeting people with UFOs. They occur at night away from the settlements. Luminous object landed nearby in the field or on the road in front of a passenger car or truck engine stalls, lights go out, and people sitting in the car in horror looking at the UFO until it is usually hidden candle soaring into the sky. After his disappearance, the motor starts to run, sometimes arbitrarily plant.

But the most interesting are the close encounters of the third kind. This meeting with UFO pilots or their passengers. What kind of meeting? Real contact with visitors from outer space or something else? Most often UFO pilots behave more or less calmly take soil samples, collected stones, with interest and looking at building or repairing his ship. And finally, the most exciting encounters of the third kind – interviews with the pilots or UFO abductions. Dating from forced guests from space are so traumatic psyche experience that consciousness does not fix them.

Only some time later these people agree to hypnosis, they are able to provide explanations mysterious loss of time associated with close contacts. One well-known cases of abduction occurred around midnight September 19, 1961 near Whitfield. On this night, Barney and Betty Hill returned from vacation, which spent traveling. Suddenly they saw rapidly declining UFO that landed right in front of their car on a country road. By Hill approached by several humanoids, and … everything.

Next – memory failure of two hours. It was such a short time later they woke up in my car 35 miles down the road. This amnesia disturb them, causing physical and mental disorders, so that in the end, the couple turned to a psychiatrist Hill. Under hypnosis, the wife told me that happened within two hours lost. They claimed that they were taken on board and spent a physical examination. Then released into believing that they will not remember anything of what he saw. At first glance, such cases seem simply implausible, some strange hallucinations or fruit of a sick imagination. But now there are too many to be able to shrug off with a light heart. Also revealed that close contacts are associated with paranormal phenomena. Just before meeting with UFO people sometimes see unusual dreams or hear a knock at the door, behind this is not one.

Or after exposure to them strange visitors. Some witnesses receive telepathic messages from extraterrestrials. UFO recently materializes and dematerializes just instead of arriving and departing. Sometimes there are miracles of healing in their vicinity. But more often fraught contacts leukemia, mental disorders, leads to degradation of the personality, insanity, suicide. In 95 percent of cases, as the statistics show, they affect people negatively. Gradually, but quickly turned into a UFO from the physical to the mental phenomenon. More precisely, the mental effects are becoming increasingly important.

This has led experts to think about the similarities of the UFO phenomenon and spiritualism, which also combines with strange psychic effects of physical phenomena, but its technology, is simpler. Scientists began to wonder: why, for example, so many UFO lands in the middle of the road? Why so committed ships are require frequent fixes? Why their pilots need to collect a set of stones and sticks for the past several decades? Why do so many people to test if a UFO allegedly humanoid extraterrestrial intelligence ships? Would have checked a few and enough. Maybe it gives the French explorer Jacques Vaplite living in California, visitors from outer space are designed to cover more sophisticated technology and UFOs it does not wave invasion from outer space, and part of some control over humanity?

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