The diplomatic row between the U.S. and India

11 Jan

 diplomatic row between the U.S. and IndiaA new round of diplomatic row between the U.S. and India. Delhi to expel the U.S. ambassador – in response to the arrest in New York, the Indian vice-consul. U.S. authorities accuse Deviyani Hobragade fraud and want to ensure that its business engaged in court. In India itself, however, such a scenario is unlikely to allow. At home greeted as a hero, but was expelled from the United States to shame.

U.S. authorities deported the vice-consul of India Deviyani Hobragade. She was accused of providing false information about his salary maids. Simply put the diplomat maid less than implied employment contract. And forced to work more than 40 hours per week. In New Delhi, outraged not so much the situation – accusations against Hobragade as time nobody believed – and other items. Woman arrested on the street and forced to undress at the site and searched, despite protests and statements of diplomatic immunity. Vice Consul released only on bail of 250 thousand dollars.

Responses were immediate. The Indian government has pointed to the door, but rather on the border, one of the American diplomats. His name was not called, but he supposedly has a direct relation to the scandal surrounding Deviyani Hobragade. In dipvedomstva comments on this issue do not give. I still can not talk about it. I can only emphasize that we are happy to return home vice-consul, – said Deputy Foreign Minister Sujata Singh of India. But there were wishing to speak in Parliament.

Rare case when a decision approved MFA and the ruling party and the opposition, which is increasingly, accused the government of kowtowing to the West. We proved to everyone that India must be considered. Such disrespect towards our diplomats earlier nobody showed. We do not care who puts pressure on us – the Americans or anyone else. We do not intend to let things take their course, – said a member of the party Indian National Congress Chaco.

However, the opposition insist on more stringent measures. Thus, the former Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha claims that at the time of his leadership of the country diplomatic corps could reach up to a breakup. If now I was head of the Foreign Ministry, as before, I would have immediately expelled the U.S. ambassador in India. And our would return home from the United States. Enough to sit idly by, we must act, – requires policies.

Earlier, India has demanded those American diplomats and their family members to surrender their identification cards, and Washington – to apologize. And care about the reputation of the most Deviyani Hobragade. It is urgently appointed official representative of his country in the United Nations. This should ensure full diplomat immunity from prosecution.

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