Discovered the most powerful black hole in the Universe

27 Jan

Black holeScientists have discovered the most powerful in the universe known to us today of black holes. Unprecedented power black hole was discovered by astronomers using data from X-ray Observatory Chandra X-ray, as well as other ground-based telescopes.

Because of its strong influence in the surrounding gas cloud, the formation of new stars phased out for many millions of years ago, but the black hole forms a truly gigantic structure. Black hole of unprecedented power located in the galactic cluster called RX J1532.9 +3021.

It is located at a distance of 3.9 billion light years from our planet’s surface. Image that is presented here, it is created by astronomer’s mosaic of X-ray Chandra data, a series of optical images taken with NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and several ground-based images. Cluster fairly glows brightly in X-rays, which means that it’s pretty massive. There is speculation that it may exceed the mass in quadrillion mass of our Sun.

In the center of this cluster is elliptically shaped galaxy with a super massive black hole at the center thereof. Experts in Science News publication for investors Market Leader note that a huge amount of hot gas just outside the center of the cluster is the biggest mystery to astronomers now. Incandescent gas to incredible temperatures that glows in X-rays, in fact, should be cool and dense gas in the center of the cluster should cool down several times faster than him. Pressure in the cooled gas falls bunch already, so he begins to expand, and the galaxies gradually absorb it, thus forming new stars trillions. The photographs from the Chandra Observatory scientists provide the answer to this question.

Radiography clearly shows two large cavities in the hot gas from both sides. Both of these cavities are aligned with the jets that are visible on the radio pictures taken VLA. Location super massive black hole between the cavities – is a powerful confirmation that the supersonic jets, which are generated by a black hole drilled hot gas and push it to the side, forming these cavities.

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