Darkness will attack more often

Light lessA new study shows that a power outage around the world will become regular and electricity shortage will worsen. In today’s technological world, it is difficult to imagine life without electricity. However, days and evenings without computers, mobile phones, entertainment systems, in the chaos of broken transport system may be more common than today.

The new study, conducted by Professor Hugh Byrd architecture of the University of Lincoln, UK, and an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Metyumenom Steve Auckland, New Zealand, shows that today’s random power outages will occur in the future more and affects more territory.

According to the study, power outages will become more regular in the world, because power consumption is growing much faster than are put into operation new generating capacity and distribution networks. This is a very serious problem, because today the electricity needed for the most important processes which ensure the functioning of civilization: water purification, sewage, food production and storage, transport, communication, etc. Electricity – is a critical part of modern infrastructure, but electricity is less reliable than is generally assumed.

Guaranteed power supply is under threat because of the limited resources of fossil fuel depletion, imperfections technologies using renewable energy sources. Furthermore, there is a problem most of the old power distribution networks, e.g. in the U.S., almost three-quarters over lines 25. Infrastructure investments across Europe and the U.S. remain very low, and the power generation system today are more fragile than it looks. As an example, the case in Italy, where two fallen tree left for 18 hours most of the country without electricity.

September 28, 2003 in Italy was seemingly ordinary event: a tree fell on a power line Swiss Lukmanier Pass. As a result, off line, the excess burden was placed on the next line of San Bernadino. However, by coincidence, after 24 minutes after turning off the line Lukmanier Pass, a tree fell on a wire line and San Bernadino. As a result, disconnected two critical lines, and Italy was cut off from the mains Europe. Voltage drop caused the shutdown of several Italian power plants in the north of the country, resulting in the country avalanche rolled outages.

Although the majority of outages are due to grid failure, the researchers point to growth in the number of failures due to lack of electricity. In particular, in the U.S. the use of electricity by households increased by 1,300% between 1940 and 2001. The growth of consumption continues, and is expected explosion in demand with the spread of electric and air conditioning systems. In recent decades, air conditioners are the most significant factor in increasing the power consumption. Also, they are the main cause of the jump in energy consumption in the summer, when there is the greatest amount of energy outages. Currently, developed countries spend on air conditioning as much energy as consumed 60 years ago for all needs: from households to industry.

Moreover, a similar trend is beginning to emerge, and in countries such as China and India. Currently interruptions in electricity supply of greatest concern in terms of financial losses. For example in the U.S. power outages annually to a loss of $ 180 billion, however, humanity in the coming decades will face a more serious problem: power outage will increase the crime rate, endanger people’s lives, can provoke social crises related to food spoilage. To prevent these problems, it is necessary to take urgent measures to introduce new capacities and modernization of electricity distribution networks.

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