Armenian programmer solved the problem- makes meaningless security codes!

29 Jan

security codesInterview with programmer Garibyan Karlen, who managed to solve one of the 7 most complex mathematical problems in the world, P = NP?

Mr. Garibyan you allowed one of the most complicated mathematical problems in the world. Could you explain what the problem and the importance and what may have her permission?

About 45 years ago, in parallel with the development of computer technology began to arise various problems whose solutions are of great importance for the development of civilization. One such problem was formulated by Stephen Cook (1971, University of Toronto). It concerns virtually all sectors of human activity, including DNA research in the field of curing cancer. Solving this problem will be synthesized proteins can help eliminate diabetes. It also contributes to security problems worldwide network and, of course, the world’s banking system. All security codes are given the fact that it is impossible to solve this problem, but I solved it. Given that after the publication of my work refuting any criticism from opponents not followed shortly by the fact that this problem is solved, will be known worldwide.

In fact, you have solved the problem, which for years had failed to solve Stefan Cook?

This problem I decided to not only theoretically! I also created a computer program that allows you to see all of this in practice. Experts Silicon Valley, having found my work interesting, put it in one of the most prestigious scientific publications in the world. The name of this task Could it be that P = NP?. If a solution exists, then make sure this is possible in a very short time. For example, if we talk about DNA research, all that for which it was necessary to work for several years, can now be done in seconds! International organization Business Initiative Directions in result of a survey of 118 countries regarding innovation, this work considered worthy Gold Award.

This is the first sign, confirming the importance of my work and loyalty. But here is the attitude of the international scientific elite to this work more than strange. Either do not understand or are engaged by their approaches. Recently, Indian mathematician Vinay Deolalikar wrote an article relating to the same problem, and was awarded the rebuttals and criticism. My article is nobody refuted, and can not refute, since it is based on specific mathematical proofs. – Do you consider the practical application of your discovery in Armenia?

I tried for many years to make this work was presented it by Armenia, as the owner of this decision in the future may be one of the most influential countries in the world. The article was published by the International Congress of Arm Tech in Armenia, but the reaction on the part of our scientists is zero. Meanwhile, even with the minimal investment funds can earn millions on this decision. For example, we studied the problem of accumulation of cargo in ports and can now give a clear solution to this problem is due to the resolution of our problem. Losses of these companies make hundreds of billions only from the fact that they do not know about the existence of solutions. As a result, this can increase to several times the speed of the Internet.

In fact, the solution to this problem allows to crack any code … The term crack the code still bore a fair share of conventions. At 95 percent of the intermediaries are people inside, gunners, which serve different purposes. In our case, no restrictions exist, in thousands byte codes can be cracked in seconds. Naturally, in all this there are risks, and you should think about changing coding systems, because the former things have become useless. Electronic documents and signatures have also become dangerous. I also note that interest in this has been emphasized by Turkey and Israel.

What will be your next steps? – First of all I want to publish the most simple, affordable solution to this problem that experts clearly understand the essence. With that I will address in Clay Mathematics Institute, as they claim that if one year after the publication of rebuttals to the article is not followed, then the problem is considered solved, and the author entitled to remuneration in the amount of $ 1 million.

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