13 benefits owls – those nocturnal

owlsAlthough our society more respected morning people – larks, which fall early and get up early, the life of their opposites – owls – has a number of advantages.

Owls, of course you will not find the crack of dawn in the fitness center, and certainly they do not come to the office first. But around 8:00 pm they still observed a large supply of power and the incentive to work. That is, if you – owl, you have the unique abilities and capabilities. Continue reading “13 benefits owls – those nocturnal”

Price time

TimeImagine that there is a bank that takes you every morning in the amount of $ 86,400. The balance of this amount from the day’s spending, does not go to the expense of the next day. Low score is reset.

What would you do with the money? We tried to squander every last penny – you might think. Each of us has such a bank. And the name of this bank – time. Each morning we were given a loan of 86,400 seconds. Every night due to reset. The residue does not count the next day. Continue reading “Price time”

Investigation of the mysterious jelly donut continues

DonutWith the phrase the mystery of Mars many recently associated mysterious gem, like a donut. Some people start to talk about alien life forms on Mars or projectiles thrown by little green men. One of the latest versions suggests that Mars has an exotic fungus, and this idea has led to a lawsuit against NASA.

It all started when a strange stone suddenly appeared in photographs Opportunity. Scientists named the stone Pinnacle Island, and they thought that the most likely scenario is that the rover wheels knocked out of stone and threw it to the new location where the rover turned. Another idea is that the stone – it’s part of the ejection – a piece of rock that fell near the rover. Continue reading “Investigation of the mysterious jelly donut continues”

Why is there life?

Our liveLife is amazing, one of her amazing appearance, good for the emergence of the genetic code of your reader, difficulty levels, and for other calculations, you need to almost ten billion years, and it is longer than the life of the Earth. That is, we were lucky. But there is an alternative point of view.

Say, for physics England Jeremy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (America) the origin of life as predictable as a tendency to fall down the stone. Continue reading “Why is there life?”

Darkness will attack more often

Light lessA new study shows that a power outage around the world will become regular and electricity shortage will worsen. In today’s technological world, it is difficult to imagine life without electricity. However, days and evenings without computers, mobile phones, entertainment systems, in the chaos of broken transport system may be more common than today.

The new study, conducted by Professor Hugh Byrd architecture of the University of Lincoln, UK, and an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Metyumenom Steve Auckland, New Zealand, shows that today’s random power outages will occur in the future more and affects more territory. Continue reading “Darkness will attack more often”

Armenian programmer solved the problem- makes meaningless security codes!

security codesInterview with programmer Garibyan Karlen, who managed to solve one of the 7 most complex mathematical problems in the world, P = NP?

Mr. Garibyan you allowed one of the most complicated mathematical problems in the world. Could you explain what the problem and the importance and what may have her permission? Continue reading “Armenian programmer solved the problem- makes meaningless security codes!”

Jupiter’s moon Europa living conditions than Earth

Jupiter'sScientists from McMaster University and Weber argue that the conditions of life on Earth are not the most suitable, and there are planets on which life can be more comfortable. These planets need not be similar to Earth.

For example, Jupiter’s moon Europa, different factors such as the distance of the planet from the star surface temperature, gravity, mass, and other parameters, which, however, does not prevent him to create a human colony. Continue reading “Jupiter’s moon Europa living conditions than Earth”

Scientists suggest that the poles of the Earth are going to roll over

Earth polesLocated deep within the Earth’s molten core that generates a magnetic field that protects the planet from the ravages of solar winds. Protective field extends thousands of kilometers into space and its magnetism affects all human life – from the migration of animals to weather conditions, writes Deyli Mail.

However, this magnetic field is incredibly important for all life on Earth over the past 200 years has weakened by 15%. And that, scientists say, could be a sign that the poles of the earth are going to roll over. Continue reading “Scientists suggest that the poles of the Earth are going to roll over”

Discovered the most powerful black hole in the Universe

Black holeScientists have discovered the most powerful in the universe known to us today of black holes. Unprecedented power black hole was discovered by astronomers using data from X-ray Observatory Chandra X-ray, as well as other ground-based telescopes.

Because of its strong influence in the surrounding gas cloud, the formation of new stars phased out for many millions of years ago, but the black hole forms a truly gigantic structure. Black hole of unprecedented power located in the galactic cluster called RX J1532.9 +3021. Continue reading “Discovered the most powerful black hole in the Universe”

USA cruise ship rampant unknown infection

cruise shipUnknown infection hosts aboard a American cruise ship Explorer of the Seas, which is currently in the Caribbean. Among infected already appear on more than 300 people: 281 passengers and 22 crew members, according to ITAR-TASS.

Establish that this disease, doctors will try to have a Sunday, Jan. 26, when the USA cruise ship is expected to go down to the port on the island of St. Thomas – one of the U.S. Virgin Islands. A total of 3050 registered ship passengers and 1165 crew members. Continue reading “USA cruise ship rampant unknown infection”