Pyramid of the XXI century

Pyramid houseMexican designer Juan Carlos Ramos created the design of the house as a pyramid. The reason – to show how simple arithmetical shapes can be used in the design of housing buildings. The idea of the project is inspired by the landscapes and lakes Sirauen Los Asufres in my native Mexico.

It is very humid, rainy and wooded area. My first consideration was to create a project of the cottage, but then I found out that in the history of architecture, there is a kind of crack that the pyramids were built only for ceremonies, but not for life.

The fact that this kind of architecture from ancient times wore a ritual character, – writes Juan Carlos Ramos. Unlike the Egyptian pyramids, on three fronts Pyramid House many rectangular windows of different sizes. Fourth facade is supposed to fully implement the glass, allowing sunlight to penetrate even the most secret corners.

The project will open plan interior. Inside the pyramid – hall, lounge, dining room with dining table for 10 people, a kitchen, a recording studio, bathroom, swimming pool, two bedrooms, a library and console balcony. There is also a garage with a futuristic sliding wall in the style of Indiana Jones. All three floors of the house are connected to hovering spiral staircase.

Although the architect when creating a project inspired by the Egyptian pyramids, his idea has received considerable attention in Mexico , where too many similar structures – structures of the Mayan civilization.

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