Happiness in the life of insects

 insectsMany people living ants and bees seem exemplary. But is it wise to such a representation. Here is an example of the life of insects, from book to book.

Insect at metamorphosis occurs through disordering: becomes cloudy liquid. Then this turbid liquid fairly quickly rebuilt into a butterfly. And, if carefully select part of the milky liquid, the remainder still provide a process of change. Appears full insect, only smaller. In principle, this is not surprising. And chrysalis and butterfly composed of the same cells. Switching action occurs coherent cells from one system to another. This reflects the essence of metamorphosis. Continue reading “Happiness in the life of insects”

Comet ISON trajectory changed?

Comet ISONInteresting information came through user Virtual Astro He writes that Ison looks almost undamaged. But, it seems, has tainted its orbit. Perhaps this was due to the gravitational effects of the sun.

NASA scientists have failed to predict the trajectory, and they incorrectly stated that the comet ISON collapsed and died during a meeting with the Sun. Continue reading “Comet ISON trajectory changed?”

What sweetness is the most helpful for human

 sweetnessScientists have named are helpful for human sweetness. During the time interval 16-18 hours significantly abridged blood sugar levels, which affects the energy and human performance. Scientists recommend at this time to please yourself dessert.

It is important to choose the right dessert, do not consist of empty carbohydrates, and of helpful ingredients. American nutritionists believe that the best is sweetness marshmallows. Continue reading “What sweetness is the most helpful for human”