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31 Dec

Body journeyExperiments on the out of body were still in the 70s of the twentieth century by the American Society for Psychical Research. As a traveler outside the body, the scientists brought the famous medium, Ph.D. A.Tanu that in some laboratory experiments brilliantly confirmed the reality of this phenomenon:

all that he observed in neighboring areas and at a considerable distance from the laboratory of the states out of body fully matched the description witnesses. Another medium – Christine Whiting, was also found the presence of energy shell A.Tanu so-called dream body.

At first, she took it as his glowing ball and then accurately described what he was wearing when projected himself from his home in Maine. Later, the presence of this energy shell was also found scientists from the Institute of bioenergetic analysis of New York City with the help of special light-sensitive devices. Sam Tan confirmed that during his movements dreaming body took the form of a ball of light: I represent a large spot light, glowing ball of consciousness which becomes smaller and more concentrated. So I move. As the light. Here is how this experience completely describe V.Tihoplav and T.Tihoplav: “He needed a small dark room, where he could focus on and where could project themselves into the experimental room, funny, bathroom only suitable turned the men’s room. When Thant retired there, his voice was recorded on tape.

I’m going to astral project themselves through the dark room, which I examined. Now I have to breathe harder … Luminous ball starts to appear in my mind. Now I project myself … I try to go down and make out what set of objects lying on a chair. One of the objects lying on the floor, it’s square. I touch something. It is very soft, reminiscent of the skin. Thing on the chair hard. It is round, white or light … My light decreases. Thing on the floor near the wall on the left … Pam! This flash of light. Thing on the floor like a wallet. One of the chairs is something high, round, ie it seems circular, like a sculpture … Pam!

White Explosion! I wobble, wobble, wobble …  New York psychiatrist Karl Kirsch and researcher Ted Wolf of New York Medical Center at the end of the experiment, which lasted 21 minutes, removed from Tana urinal and resulted in a black room, which was now illuminated normally. On the chair was high round heating element of a coffee maker quite like what it described Thant. On the floor lay a smooth rubber pad, just where Thant identified lying wallet. The most impressive thing was that the photosensitive device noted in the room light at precisely the time when Tan exclaimed: Pam! That flash of light!. If everyone has a light component that can detect the existence of the astral body will become a universal reality.

Another test, which was subjected to experiments by American researchers was K.Kili who experienced the first out of body during childbirth in 1961. Ten years later, she started having involuntary outputs of the body, and a couple of years she has learned to control his journey. Research in this area has also conducted independent of R.Morris Research Foundation in North Carolina. One of the subjects – could K.Hereri using energy twin project yourself into another building, set to read report cards and their contents. It was found that his body while energy could take one of three forms:

• glowing ball of light;

• a point in space, which has all-round visibility;

• an exact replica of the physical body.

Scientists at Stanford Institute R.Targ and G.Puthoff achieved great results in the study of the phenomenon of travel outside the body through I.Svanna and P.Praysa. So, could I.Svann to any point in latitude and longitude and describe the vision. At the same time, 75% of the cases he described vision of the object with a very high degree of accuracy. Similar results achieved and P.Prays. Reality travel outside the body was confirmed as a British scientist R.Krukelom, who subjected to rigorous review over a thousand cases selenology experience. He also confirmed the presence of a human energy body able to make such travel.

Professor, University of Geneva O.Blanke been made an interesting discovery that confirmed link the phenomenon of out of body to the stimulation of the right hemisphere of the brain responsible for the development of intuition and psychic abilities. Increased activity of the right hemisphere of the brain was noted by many scientists during altered states of consciousness. These studies were actively carried out at Stanford University, Institute of Applied Sciences in Virginia, the University of Connecticut Department of Psychology, Oxford and Cambridge universities, the University of the West of England, the Institute of Human Brain and many other scientific centers.

State out of body during the clinical death and other altered states of consciousness scrutinize R.Moudi, E.Kyubler Ross, K.Ring, S.Parnai, E.Garni, S.Maldun, H.Karrington P . Krukal, O.Foks, H.Hart, S.Blekmor, S.Grin, Dzh.Poynton, Dzh.Palmer, M.Dennis, E.Haraldson, K.Harari, Ch.Tart, Robert Monroe, S.Laberzh , K.Ozis, A.Heym, R.Noyes, Ch.Fiore, A.Landsberg, S.Tvemlou, G.Gabbard, F.Dzhons, M.Istmen and many other researchers. So S.Grin indicates that the phenomenon of out of body occurred in 12% of cases it investigated during sleep, 32% – in an unconscious state, and 25% as a result of severe stress, anxiety or fatigue.

While 75% of the physical body lay, and in 18% of cases – sat. Currently in the U.S. alone there are approximately 8 million people who have similar experiences. One of the famous explorers out of body travel, director of the Institute of Applied Sciences in Virginia Robert Monroe noted that while finding outside the body as a rule, a person maintains almost full consciousness, such as in the waking state of consciousness. At this point, people are not watching the scene from the material body, but from the side. At the same time it is perfectly sees, hears and touches and feelings become the weakest sense of smell and taste. In this state, a person can soar to the ceiling near the physical body, or travel long distances, watching An event anywhere in the world.

However, he denied the opportunity to intervene and influence these events. Should disappoint fans because they though cause ECP, but people no way to control your energy body and can be exposed by the energy of life forms. This, in particular, the study confirms the known anthropologists M.Harnera, Carlos Castaneda and some other scientists. As noted in the late twentieth century, Robert Monroe, ECP are very similar to near-death experiences in a state of clinical death and may have with them one nature: the transference of consciousness and mind in the energy body.

However, if in the first case, the process is consciously, during clinical death, coma, severe illness that occurs as a forced response of the body, regardless of the will of man. Characteristically, the most important components of reporting near-death experience have met several times in numerous stories of subjects in laboratory experiments on the EPR at the Institute of Applied Sciences and other research institutions. In this test, as opposed to persons in a state of clinical death, were aware of the upcoming, and therefore did not experience fear and anxiety, and can objectively observe what is happening. However, if the ECP occurred spontaneously and unexpectedly in a state of emotional stress that the number of features similar to a near-death state is significantly increased. Among them we should mention:

1) experience passing through the tunnel.

2) the perception of bright light.

3) the visual perception of the final frontier.

4) a certain sense of longing for the material body.

5) panoramic vision of deceased loved ones.

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