Most top 10 gadgets in 2013

gadgets in 2013Year 2013 was rich in new items from a variety of consumer electronics sectors. Began selling the long-awaited Smart Pebble hours and contact less controller Leap Motion, Apple has transformed the iPad, making the tablet even lighter and thinner appeared first touch Chrome books, and Sony and Microsoft for the first time 6-7 years updated their consoles. Vesti.Haytek remembered ten most important gadgets, published in 2013.

Smart Pebble Watch: Last year, high-profile projects Pebble attracted a record 10.2 million dollars, and in January 2013th smart watch finally went on sale . Now you can order them on the company website for $ 150 c delivery worldwide. Accessory connected to the Android-based smartphone or iPhone via Bluetooth. Slightly vibrating, it will notify you of incoming calls, calendar events, emails and updates in social networks, displaying them on the 1.26-inch screen economical E-ink (144h168). The gadget is remarkable that for him there is a software for every taste than other manufacturers do not boast – games (ping pong, tetris, chess), applications for cyclists, speed and distance measured by GPS, to create notes, etc. Pebble praised for its light weight, bright display, battery life (5 days in active use), water resistant (up to 50 meters), and criticized – for poor compatibility with iOS, incomplete display text notifications and lack of support for languages other than English. More about the history of smart watches and other models.

iPad Air : To name the new iPad. Planeshtnik rightly called an air – the same word Apple characterizes its thinnest and lightest laptop MacBook Air. Retaining the diagonal of 9.7 inches, tablet became much thinner and lighter than previous models. It weighs about 470 grams (652 g against the iPad 4), and has a thickness of 7.5 millimeters (fourth aypad – 9.4 mm). Due to the narrower width of side frames tablet decreased from 185.7 to 169.5 mm. If looks iPad Air became closer to iPad mini, is filling – on iPhone 5S. Novelty equipped 64-bit chip with two cores A7 (clock frequency – 1.3 GHz), motion coprocessor M7 (the same as the new iPhone 5S) and a gigabyte of RAM. Resolution rear iSight camera remains the same – 5 megapixels, but it was the best shooting in low light. Before buying strongly recommend to explore our impressions about the gadget .

Chromebook Pixel: Announced in February Chromebook Pixel is the first laptop-based Chrome OS, will touch display. Resolution 12.8-inch screen with a very high: 2560h1700 pixels (239 dpi). Moreover, Pixel looks no worse than laptops Apple: body machined from a single piece of aluminum and coated with a durable glass touchscreen Gorilla Glass. Filling laptop too powerful 2-core Intel Core i5 processor with integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 and 4GB of RAM. Internal SSD-drive is designed only 32 or 64 gigabytes. Small amount of memory is not terrible: Chromebooks are designed for active users of Internet services Google, so most of the information Pixel stores in the cloud and not on the local disk. In addition, each customer trends give free terabytes in Google Drive for three years.

Xbox One: Microsoft and Sony are equal: this year they are both in a long time (and almost simultaneously) released the next generation of video game consoles, to equip them with similar fillings. In addition, each company reported 1 million consoles sold for the day after release. Xbox One – console from Microsoft – came out on November 22 . Journalists are not particularly liked the look of the device, which resembles an old VCR, but the design and ergonomics of the new controller were almost ideal. Xbox One also praised for excellent graphics in games, the convenience and speed of the interface, as well as a large selection of software (Netflix, Hulu, Skype, SkyDrive, etc.). Highlights some applications the ability to attach to the edge of the screen like Windows 8. So, for example, you can watch a movie simultaneously playing the game. Under the cover of Xbox One lie system on chip AMD (Architecture Jaguar), graphics AMD Radeon, 8 gigabytes of RAM and a hard disk of 500 GB. In the U.S., Xbox One costs $ 499 in Europe – the same amount in euros. Official price of the console in Russia, as well as release date is not yet known.

PlayStation 4 : The stylish design of PlayStation 4 , published November 15, reporters liked stronger. If Xbox One – rather, it is a home entertainment center, where you can watch movies, listen to music, surf the Internet and chat on Skype, then the Sony console is more focused on the game. However, until they released not very many. Viscera PS4 close to Xobx One. Console is equipped with 8-core AMD processor architecture Jaguar, Radeon graphics new generation, 8 GB of RAM, hard drive capacity 500 GB drive Blu-ray, HDMI, Bluetooth 2.1. What is important novelty Sony Russian gamers can buy now. Actual price in online stores.

Nokia Lumia 1020: Vinfon Lumia 1020 deserves the title of the gadget of the year because of the stunning 41-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. On the way out get the picture with a resolution 7152h5368 points. At this dignity does not end smartphone: Lumia 1020 also has a 3x digital zoom, xenon flash and the ability to capture images with Full HD at 30 frames per second. Innovative photomodule enclosed in hump, with little bulging rear cover, but it almost does not affect the usability of the smartphone. The only fancy camera did not fail to affect the weight of the device – 158 grams. In short, the Lumia 1020 provides some of the best pictures, which are now able to smartphones. Learn more about the innovative camera device you can in this review. Nokia smartphone is equipped with 4.5-inch display (1280×768), Qualcomm S4 chip clocked at 1.5 GHz, two gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB of built-in and battery capacity of 2000 mA * h Lumia 1020 operates on the operating system Windows Phone 8. Buy tube can be for 21-22 thousand rubles.

Moto G : Moto G – still the only smartphone in the world in which a very low price is adjacent to a pretty good stuffing. Google Phone comes with a 4.5-inch HD-TV, 4-core processor and a 5 megapixel camera, and it is worth while only $ 179 (without a carrier contract and binding to the SIM-card). At the heart of the smartphone is pure Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean). Complete specifications Moto G are: Qualcomm Snapdragon chip 400 with four cores (clock frequency – 1.2 GHz), flash drive capacity from 8/16 GB (50 GB plus free online storage drives Google for two years ), 4.5-inch AMOLED-display (resolution – 1280×720 density dpi – 329). Machine does not support LTE. Motorola products are not officially available in Russia. In the gray sellers Moto G with 16 GB of memory is available for a large profit.

Google Chromecast : Compact Chromecast top box , a size comparable to the conventional memory stick, greatly facilitates the withdrawal of content from mobile devices to TVs. The device allows you to broadcast on a large screen video, music, and pictures from almost any device – smartphone, tablet (iOS / Android) or laptop. Chromecast connects to the TV via HDMI and connects to the network Wi-Fi. In addition, using a computer Chromecast can display TV movies not only from Google Play, but also those that are stored on your hard drive (in formats AVI, MPEG, MP4). To do this, the PC must be installed Chrome browser with the appropriate extension, and wireless network (not below 802.11n) – to provide the desired speed. In the U.S. Chromecast sold for $ 35 in Russia (where the set-top box is not officially imported).

Leap Motion : Innovative controller Leap Motion waited more than a year. Chip gadget is that it can be used to control a PC or laptop without touching the screen. Waving his arms in the air, you can search in Google, flick through photos, zoom web pages, draw, move application icons and more. The unit itself is tiny USB-receiver (7.5 x 2.5 x 1.2 cm) with sensors and camera. It allows you to control your PC with gestures, tracking the position of individual fingers (not the whole hand as Microsoft Kinect for Xbox) and small objects in real time. Leap Motion scans space (field of view – 150 degrees) at up to 290 frames per second. While the controller is imperfect. Most often make claims to it due to the fact that a correct gesture recognition should be very clearly move the fingers. In addition, while the lion’s share of applications supporting Leap Motion – This is a demo of the game, not how something useful software. In the U.S., sales of the device began in the summer for $ 80.

HTC One: From the combination of qualities HTC One can rightly be considered one of the best Android-smartphones in the market, and here’s why. First, the appearance and level assembly gadget can compete, perhaps, except that with the iPhone. It is almost entirely made of plastic do not like most of Android-smartphone, and aluminum and glass. Secondly, One has a great 4.7-inch display in the resolution of Full HD (1080p), as befits a flagship. In our review, we have emphasized that this is one of the best displays on the market with excellent color, contrast and wide viewing angles. Plus, he has a record pixel density – 468 pixels per inch. Third, under the cover of the smartphone are 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 600 c 1.7 GHz, Adreno 320 graphics chip, and two gigabytes of RAM, that is in terms of performance One also very good. In asset gadget HTC also worth bring support for two SIM-cards, which is rarely seen in the flagship device. One camera may not be as good as the market leaders – Galaxy S4 or iPhone 5S, – but it produces images of high quality. Smartphone heavier (143 grams) and thicker (9.3 mm) of other champions, but to quickly get used to his size. You can also find fault with the fact that there is no One slot for memory cards microSD, while the drive is limited to 32 (in fact available to the user 20) or 64 GB.


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