Maritimes pyramid

pyramidTourists and the residents of the Maritime Territory involved not only by historical buildings, unique animals, but also the ancient reefs, namely mountain brothers and sisters. They look like two pyramids that stand apart from the other mountains. They are similar to the gates, that’s why they are called sacral Golden Gate East.

Residents of the seaside town of Nakhodka consider these natural reefs insignia. Sister Mountain is a favorite destination residents. They note that the Sisters from the top with amazing views of the Sea of Japan and the river valley Guerrilla, which inhabitants of the area known as the pearl of Primorye.

Brother mountain until it was blown up, was of great importance for residents Golden village in the guerrilla zones of Primorsky Territory, which was founded in 1884. It was she who created this magnificent micro climate area, protecting the territory from the fog and cold sea winds. Golden Valley has long been revered by the locals, considering this place mysterious and enigmatic. Inhabitants of the region to this day from generation to generation legends and stories about the Golden Valley.

Among the locals There is a story about that at the foot of the mountain there was Brother Joss stone, built in honor of the god of celestial basics. Gods of the famous shrine that never refused assistance to a person who asks. In addition, with the help of miraculous power, they could heal ailments. Many came to the sacred mountain, even from China. They performed worship of the gods, then their wishes satisfied. Amazing creations of nature is often compare with the Egyptian pyramids. It is believed that to this day the mountain came to him heal people.

Scientists have studied carefully potted seaside photo Egyptian pyramids and examined their remains and found that the faces of the mountains were clearly focused on the north and south magnetic poles of the last glaciation. Two other facets of pyramids are oriented along the magnetic equator of the Earth. As you know, this equator is a broken line, and it zigzags coincide with zigzags Great Chinese wall. It is on this line and the mountains are sister and brother, as well as the city stepped pyramids, which currently is under water near the Japanese island of Yonaguni.

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