Madagascar- amazing islands in the world

20 Dec

IslandMadagascar – the fourth largest island in the world, this poor country – a former French colony, in 2009, he survived a devastating coup, and one of the most wonderful places on our planet.

Since separating from Africa 165 million years ago, its plants and animals evolved independently from their continental cousins, which led to an amazing spread of species: about 90% of the island’s flora and fauna found nowhere else.

Before the coup, thousands of eco-tourists come to Madagascar to see its extraordinary beauty, but, unfortunately, political turmoil and poverty of the local inhabitants caused wild Madagascar significant damage due to illegal logging: the colorful chameleons, lemurs fluffy and very valuable mahogany popular on the international black market. Conservationists hope that when life in the country is stabilized, it will be possible to protect national parks from poachers and loggers.

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