Germany mountains Shternenfels exposed pyramid

discovered pyramidIn Germany enthusiast are digging a stepped pyramid at Mount Halternecks. A group led by Walter Haug for several years has been excavated stepped pyramid at Mount Sternness.

Excavation continues at the present time. According to Walter Haug, on the site where there are stones of varying quality and processing technologies from the primitive to the sawing and grinding. Found walls, stairs, arches, altar and paintings on stone.

Excavations carried out by enthusiasts since 2010, but clearing the pyramid was complicated by the fact that this place has been designated the official authorities as an ancient quarry, and here on the orders of public authorities, massively dumped debris.

Wall constructions go to a depth of 3 meters from the ground level and removing the mountain of construction debris archaeologists saw what was hidden beneath it – a step pyramid. Now being pumped groundwater, which are collected in “bath” rock bottom which apparently is the foundation of the building.

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