Fort Boyard, France- amazing islands in the world

19 Dec

BoyardWhat could be more unusual than a 200-year-old fortress that resembles a floating bath which removed a popular TV show? It is about Forte Boy yard located near the west coast of France.

Construction of the fortress was conceived as part of France’s military build-up in the 60s XVI-th century during the reign of Louis XIV, but work continued until 1809, the year sometimes suspended because of the attacks of the British: to build a foundation, workers had to put on the sandy bottom of the shallow water 75 thousand m 3 stones.

Almost 30 years later by a decree of Louis Philippe began to rebuild the castle – the construction was completed only in 1857, the year: the final version of the island-fortress was a wide oval 32 and 20 m high, which held 250 soldiers and 74 guns.

And when the builders laid the last brick, Fort Boy yard already lost its military significance because of the progress of weapons technology, and since the fortress was used as a military prison, and later – as a backdrop in movies and television shows in recent times, with the same name is removed adventure game show .

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