Earth synopsis

05 Dec

EarthDo not want to upset you, but bitter truth is better than sweet lies. This is not your planet. This is their planet. It is their solar system. You are a bit of a free app. The wait staff for the various systems, extractive resource in different forms.

They own this planet as their own property. Somewhere in space accounting is a folder that says Earth. The main goal of your existence – is to produce a resource for them. No other purpose. So you’ve created.

You are under the hood. You graze and shorn like sheep. Teach you exactly to the extent that is necessary for the maintenance of their systems. Do you give as much technology as needed to solve their problems. Do you give as much freedom as you want, so you worked and did not rebel.

For you to create the illusion that you are masters here, but this illusion is necessary only to help you work better, and then they were taken all that you created. Their interest to you exclusively consumption.

If you take nothing – and then you do not need. You must understand that if you cease to be useful for them – they will destroy you. Their technology will do it without difficulty. The only chance to get out of slavery – it’s become so strong to be able to negotiate with them as equals. They certainly try this any way to avoid it.

But run you harder and harder, because you become too much and you become smarter and start to think, that’s what. But they are not going to give up and will fight for their power to last. Oh, and do not expect the “magician suddenly arrive in a blue helicopter.

You can only rely on themselves. For their freedom have to fight and die. If you fight and die for freedom are not ready – well, then the inheritance of a slave – irons. In all forms.

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