Descendants of Martians

MartiansA genetic study of the Tibetans, China, Denmark and the University of California, found that one of the options EPAS1 genes allows Tibetans, many of whom live at an altitude of 4000 meters above sea level, where oxygen is 40 percent less than in the lowlands, great feel where others barely survive.

And such phenomenal ability to have 90 percent of the indigenous Tibetan Plateau. In this archaeological evidence that Tibetan civilization, at least 11,000 years, making it perhaps the most ancient in the world.

While scientists have not been able to establish why so little use for the life of the area was inhabited long before the Pharaonic era and how there was a genetic difference between Tibetans from other sentient inhabitants of the planet. And this knowledge gap has already drawn on as paleontologists who are exploring the possibility of aliens coming to Earth in ancient times.

According to their hypothesis, the people of Tibet – the descendants of Martians who have fled their dying planet and settled there, where they are most comfortable with, that is, in areas with a tenuous atmosphere and low temperature. This explains how the genetic (more than 30 differences) and mental peculiarities of the Tibetans, who are considered the standard bearers of human spirituality. So maybe because of them reached us a system of philosophical views of Martian civilization. It is also possible that Tibet hides and archives Martians, as well as samples of their art, so it’s no accident they are interested in not only civil researchers but also the military.

By the way, we know that Adolf Hitler created them through occult secret services “Ahnenerbe” sought Tibet key to world domination, but that did not find – great luck all mankind.

Strange interest in the question Contacts

It is known that in recent years the top management of the Catholic Church has repeatedly made statements that may have Earth – is not the only place where they can live sentient beings, and that it does not contradict the ideas of Christianity. At the same time from the Vatican – the residence of the Pope – not just fall into the press lengthy discourse about UFOs and other such paranormal phenomena. Such interest hierarchs one of the largest world religions for question contacts can not surprising, especially when you consider how many scientists in the past fell into the hands of the Inquisition just for these views.

In this connection may seem interesting fact that in Italy has evolved old battle between Vatican Radio and the Roman suburbs Cesano residents and La Storta where its transmitting antennas. According to experts, which is reflected in the 300? Page report, commissioned by the Roman prosecutors, Vatican radio broadcast emits electromagnetic wave colossal power that literally incapacitates appliances within a radius of 12 kilometers. This creates an electro smog the whole field of antennas, the destination of many of which are not entirely clear even to experts.

These facts, amid speculation about extraterrestrial civilizations Vatican, give rise to a lot of interesting assumptions. For example, why in the heyday of the Internet need to increase the power of the Church radio transmitters? I do not for you, brethren, to preach to the mind, thus carrying out a kind of missionary work in space? Or maybe part of antennas used to receive signals aliens?

While the answers to these questions yet, but maybe someday someone from Catholic clerics to shed light on the issue of UFOs and tell the world that the government of the earth hide from ordinary mortals …

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