Ancient leftovers aliens in Russia

14 Dec

aliensThe nature of the mind-blowing things built, constructed nature. In 2012, Russian scientists claimed to have found an very old relic buried in the rock. It seemed like it – a series of interconnected cogs and some gear mechanisms. The most unusual is that, according to studies, the age of the mysterious detection was about 400 million years. The answer is obvious – aliens!

Although the structure found actually look like exploding clock in fact they are the remains of sea lilies – animals that leave in the rocks, where lived, neat circular recesses.

It would seem that the whole thing is clear. But in 2103, the year around the opening of disputes arose again: the fact that the media reported the discovery of  alien gear in Vladivostok found in a piece of coal.

If we at least for a instant put aside the romantic theory of outer space developed, we will see an alternative: it’s just a piece of modern mining equipment. Or perhaps an iron pyrite – a mineral, sometimes of a very strange shape.

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