Aliens have predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, Chechnya, and now the U.S.

AliensJournalist writes Kursk Publishing Tokarev Love: After the publication of material found in Kursk man abducted by aliens my phone is almost never stopped.

Calling people too near the station Ryshkov faced with a strange policeman in the Soviet form. More have been calls from readers who say they have seen UFOs, and some have argued that all communicated with abnormal guests.

Not all kuryane chooses to submit. Apparently out of concern that they are not taken for madmen. But the resident district Alex Fedosov, hiding nothing, told the story of how their village visiting unusual visitors.

Now Alexey – retired, former chief engineer of the local farm. It happened in December 1990 – he recalls. – Close to midnight on our street as a team all the dogs barking. And barking looked as if under serious threat. My wife and I jumped out into the street. Despite the late hour, it was light around.

My first thought – somewhere there was a fire that illuminates the village. But the light was different than from the fire. What happened next, except that in a fantastic dream prividitsya – above us hung round silver plate, similar to the roaster just enormous. Wife screamed with fear, then pulled herself together and through clenched teeth: Shut up, Fyodor not Give mind for what you watch, and then recognize us insane and sent to Sapogov …

But in a few minutes the whole street turned into a big buzzing hive – so many from all over the village came running people. – Look, look! – Heard on all sides. – Flying Saucer bestowed to us. Let’s invite to visit the aliens! Surprisingly, the top voice rang out: Now is not the time, the Soviet Union will soon fall apart! Silence fell, and rose plate and quietly disappeared into the sky. People stood looking up, afraid to even move … Wow prediction! – Gradually, people began to come to life.

Neighbor decided to call the police. Called, and there he was told: Do not add to moonshine! And hung up. But most of the witnesses were abstainers unique event, and I am among them! – Still perplexed Alexei Nikolaevich. After this incident, the villagers were divided into two camps – those who have seen the plate, and those whom fate And this passed.

Last bantered first. Soon after the visit of a UFO talk stopped, so as not to end up in a mental hospital or in the KGB: according to the will of the party could not be in the Soviet Union paranormal. Village returned to normal life. A year later – in December 1991 – again noisily. Prediction came true aliens – the Soviet Union collapsed. A few years later, history repeated itself. Bright light, silver plate …

At this time the aliens predicted the war in Chechnya. And when it all came to pass, the villagers began to fear visitors from outer space – they did not want to know their future. Several months ago, aliens again reminded of themselves, reporting imminent collapse of the U.S.. It sounded like this: Great America is about to collapse, and Russia will be a major country in the world. Is not it the same thing many years ago predicted the great clairvoyant Vanga? Maybe soon the prophecy will come true … UFOs

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