Trypillians unique calendar

Trypillians calendarThe torch was lit our Tripoli – five or six thousand years ago.  Neolithic.  An incredible burst of human genius, who created the foundation for future development and establishment of modern Ukraine and the entire global civilization.

 Recall Trypillian settlements even hundreds of hectares, more than ten times the area of Babylon in the era of its heyday extended from the southern Carpathian Mountains across the central part of the black soil of modern Ukraine!  At that time it was the highest civilization in Europe!

 Among the patterns of hundreds of finding pitchers, systematized in the book Taras Tkachuk (2001), among the different dishes were quite a few where we see horizontal thirty-styled triangles.  Recall the number “30” is almost the length of the lunar cycle visible phases of the moon and the average rotation cycle of plasma rotation of the Sun around its axis.  Get a cash loan is very simple.

 Or not interesting, but, definitely, compelling, perhaps, be considered as ornamentation of a pitcher.  Maydanetskogo: Thirty located in the usual place, the top of the triangles is connected to a kind of cross solar symbol or swastika twelve dots or dashes.

 The key to understanding the problem has served as an ancient ritual pitcher extraordinary quality and beauty, made of black clay, recently found during archaeological excavations near the confluence of the river Dniester story in the Carpathian Region led by Professor Larissa Krushelkoy.

 On its upper part – like pattern of triangular silhouettes created by solar hemisphere: without a doubt, a daily serial movement luminary above the horizon, which leads to a new day.  Only then, after some time, pitchers appear stylized triangles that mean Day – a day! They have become the basis and the actual element of the sign system of the Ukrainian nation and then Tripoli calendar.

 So, initially it is perhaps that of a conspiracy, and then later on the calendar, which was used tripilchany.  Described pattern has become a weighty talisman, a symbol of the future.  It remains the same things home and personal use this (for embroidery, towels, PYSANKA ….

In addition, some dishes, apparently for household purposes, namely for storage of fodder and food for dogs depicted on the 12 identical items, then placed on the radius, then the circle of dishes.  This allowed the right to suspect that we are talking about the calendar year in which consisted of a 12 30-day month which was a 360-day cycle, a figure that is used today, and 360 degree angle full circle.

However, it is known that the cop, which was used in the home with us until recently, for the usual counting the number of subjects consisted of 60 units.  Let me remind you once again that it was the basis of the different monetary systems, and is used for timing in normal hours.  Given the above, it seemed logical to assume that perhaps the countdown calendar years in Tripoli came as a number 60 – month cycles.  The duration of the annual turnover of the Earth around the Sun is 365.24219 modern day.

Taking into account this, we find out that at the end of each five-year cycle should be added to 26 days.

An extremely interesting and instructive is written evidence of the Novgorod monk Kirik Anthony’s Monastery (1136) that with him at various Slavic tribes, there was a calendar that demanded a bargain 13 months. According to his statements, the following addition to the different tribes took place every four years, haphazardly, in different times, which are very confusing to the calendar.

Further analysis shows that each subsequent ’24 accumulates in a full age, which should be added at the end of each cycle to eliminate the difference between astronomical realities and the Procrustean bed calendar. Again, most wonderfully matches with a countdown of our house! The following differences could be about a few thousand years.

 Similar calculations modern calendar used by the mankind, so that the modern Gregorian calendar is lagging behind in three days last 400 years, and the difference should be the correct level.

 So, the calendar of our ancestors clearly wins in all ways – precision, ease of use, etc.

 At present, we can not unequivocally answer, really, at the time there were these add-on just as in the junior calendar systems of the Sumerians and Babylonians.

 The fact of the unusual mathematical logic and imagination ancestors impressive!  No wonder the calendar system, which initially acted as a conspiracy movement of the Sun for each subsequent day of our ancestors survived until now on a variety of elements of folk life in the entire battery of Ukraine.

 From the above, there is every reason to conclude that the described system timing tripilchan played a key role in the creation of other calendar systems of the Middle East, Greece, Rome and the present.

 On the “agenda” of modern humanity – to change the calendar.  Given the above, we consider: current four-year cycle calendar leap year from 29 days on Feb should be replaced by a five-year, and every 24th year since the start of the new logical frame of reference should also be a leap with the same number of days 29 day in February.  In this case, all the other features of the current calendar are familiar and unchanged.

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