The world in which we live.

15 Nov

WorldThe greatest deception of mankind. Describe your point of view, if what I write – will seem awkward than that. World – a single unit in nature. Everything is interconnected and mutually coexist. However, in this hectic there are people. And we as a species, not really even get on. No matter who understands the world – wrong or not – we are all responsible for each other, not just for themselves. Nevertheless, many believe that their world – is that something separate – his own. You know I’m so tired of this belief, I want freedom, it would seem impossible – peace. Peace in the sense that everything is in harmony and mutual understanding in the chain is connected. But instead, I see a lack of understanding in our common world-people-constant misunderstandings and fears.

For each of us, it’s part of another. No two people that would not even look like what it is. Is it not a sign that – that we are one? But that’s not about that, sorry for the rubbish. The point in the structure of the world. Maybe I understand everything a little differently, some not the right attitude but still. I will explain what I see – we all live in a world where everyone has to work to survive life most of the world’s population). With all that we are creating – for the most part out in an unknown direction. The world is built as if every state – it’s just a factory. If all the people on it are required to work and live for the sake of development. But do not you feel in your heart that this is all wrong? A huge number of machines designed to improve the quality of life of people in this world – but is was so much better to live? Certainly since come times this – all worked hard on the same field or somewhere else. But is it so? After all, as now, in the past there were loads of people who do this and did not – there were artists and singers. Whatnot. From observations chronicles the lives of those same Papua of New Guinea – you can see that they live happily ever after.

You can boast of happiness in life? Happiness in this world depends mostly on – whether the money is there any machine, whether there is a loved one. But then they do not need anything. And we? Here is an example of spending money in the world – the state collects all that a man can have in different ways – banks, taxes, land fence, fence minerals. We have nothing that did not belong to the state. But what is the state? Oddly production factory. But what, and for what? We all know how expensive fighters and missiles, all know about the cost of cartridges. But please – tell me – why all this? This money is enough to keep everyone fed, so that everyone can live a normal life. Instead of looking for ways to connect – the boundaries, they share still more. Already there are plans to destroy the same in Russia. The world is full of secret weapons. Fully enclosed information. You know what they say? – They say that a person does not necessarily know everything.

They say that this responsibility. So what? Can not I know what I want? They are stuffed with people fears on TV show invented fashion – countless advertisements. Lying, spoiled goods that they themselves and released. The whole world is built on deception and collecting money. But all this is so empty that if this system was destroyed, if it was all the people, if there were no borders, if it were not mindless government is looking for ways to reform not only reformed. Is the world would not be one, not the world would be happy? Why then all the money lose their heads. And why do they need? For human understanding – they give nothing. To fill the soul – need music, need love, need peace and friendship. Need happiness. So can the concept of money we just imposed? After all, if a person truly open mind – he will never find happiness in money. I dropped a lot, because the world is full of reasons why the world is not the world. Just wanted to say – I love all, and I hope that someday people wake up from this stupid dream. I truly dream of everyone to be happy, and it hurts to look at this world.

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