The unbelievable discovery near the Baikonur puzzled experts

discoveryThe unbelievable discovery near the Baikonur puzzled experts. Wreckage of an unidentified spaceship discovered in the south of Kazakhstan, near the Baikonur cosmodrome. Place falling and cordoned off by police. A functioning committee, which would look into the causes of the incident. Victims and pretentious by the fall of the device is not present. Source agency explained that most likely belong to the wreckage of the rocket Dnepr, which crashed July 26, 2006. Carrier rocket Dnepr was carrying 18 small satellites from different countries. The main one was the Belorussian satellite remote sensing of the earth squirrels.

Then the rocket crashed through the 74 seconds after the start, and its wreckage fell into an uninhabited area at a distance of about 150 kilometers from the launch site. The rocket Dnepr was created based on the technology of the ballistic missile RS-20 Governor

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