The most curious cases of encounters with UFOs

UFOsEvidence from ancient manuscripts and more … Information about aliens and flying machines from above : with the sun, the sky , etc. known since  times, as evidenced by the ancient manuscripts, cave paintings and even reliefs , high reliefs found in various corners of the planet. For example , the ancient Chinese believed that their knowledge must Sons of the Sun, who arrived at the heavenly chariot in 26 century BC Judging from the descriptions of the children of the sun is brought amazing machines : robots , ray machine , radar , television screens and the dragon  for 70 passengers.

According to ancient Chinese manuscripts in the III millennium BC. e . In the basin of the Yellow River lived the sons of heaven . The first of these Huang DI (about 2450 BC. E . ) Was a stone basket  is very strong, but surprisingly light ,  which is freely floating in the wind above the sand.” But this figure is found in Egypt, Abidoskom temple. It shows objects that are similar to the famous flying hardware , and some at a UFO. And this statuette , according to some reports , found in Western Armenia , is stored in one of the Turkish Muslims. UFO still confused mind the inhabitants of our planet. It was said that the flying discs are the work of the Air Forces of any country , and that , ostensibly, Hitler himself once very fond of creating extraordinary ideas on the shape and properties of the aircraft .

Everything is possible , and yet does not leave alone the thought is not too presumptuous on the part of mankind to consider themselves the only reason in the universe ? Not making any theories , we have studied several occurrences of unidentified objects in the different countries of the world. Belgium – Invasion of glowing triangles This story is continued from 1989 to 1990 . Entire groups of unidentified flying objects disturbed consciousness of civilians , as well as the Belgian Air Force , making frantic maneuvers over Glonsom , Semmerzeykom , Wallonia , Torembasom – Gamble . Flight of the objects observed around 13 500 people, and in writing his testimony of eyewitnesses confirmed in 2600 .

Russia . Dal’negorsk – The collapse of an unknown car. The case occurred in 1986. Suddenly appeared in the sky a bright fireball rushed to the ground, crashed and burned for nearly an hour strange unusual flame. Witnesses of the accident were hundreds of people. In the mineralogical museum Dalnegorsk still kept a stone , which to some, is an extraterrestrial origin, and is a particle with a crashed UFO sky . United Kingdom – Flying above the pub  Running Horse . Just recently , 14 June 2013 , a Briton named Steve Lambert rested in the pub  Running Horse , which in Bracknell , Berkshire . After leaving the pub , he saw in the sky two dark sparks . According to him, he had seen the lights go home at high speed , however the Briton managed to photograph them . Maneuvers over the Baltic in late August 1909 in the newspaper ” Daily Mail ” article was written by an unknown object , which is making two circles over Tallinn , sped toward Finland , leaving the population of Tallinn in a state of extreme surprise.

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