The Japanese got to the moon

 the moonLarge Japanese construction company Shimizu Corp. Developed a shows potential project that would completely change the way humanity about the promise of alternative energy. It proposes to create around the equator of the moon so-called energy belt of solar panels, the power of which would provide several major countries need electricity.

According to the plan, electricity from the belt will be transmitted to Earth through special microwave or laser transmitters. Such a lunar power is theoretically capable annually produce more than 13 thousand tera watts of energy, compared to the United States in 2011 produced about 4 thousand tera watts of electricity. Is easy to calculate that the belt of solar panels would allow easily feed electricity and even entire continents. The efficiency of solar panels on the moon several hundred times higher than on Earth due to the fact that the atmosphere of the Earth satellite is extremely sparse. Furthermore, in the light path no obstacle – the sky on the moon clean and cloudless.

Despite the ambitiousness of this truly revolutionary project, the main obstacle to its realization is a very high cost. One need only imagine how much space it will be necessary to organize expeditions to the moon to set the number of solar panels. However, the Japanese company that does not stop, she intends to continue working on the lunar belt and even announced a tentative date for the start of construction on the earth satellite – 2035.


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