Cities that travelers hate most

hate most cityNo, this is not a list of the worst cities in the world – let compiling such lists are engaged ecologists and sociologists. We are talking about cities that tourists love to bestow his attention, and negative impressions of which would be enough for a separate library.

In writing this information does not intended to discourage you to go to this or that place. In the end, if the whole world consisted of perfect, clean and friendly cities, travel, eventually would become unbearably boring, is not it? Continue reading “Cities that travelers hate most”

Oceans on ancient Mars arose from the hydrogen of the greenhouse effect

MarsOceans of liquid water existed on the surface of Mars in ancient times, can occur on the red planet through the greenhouse effect induced by high concentration of hydrogen in the atmosphere, say scientists in a paper published in the journal Nature.

It is considered that on the surface of Mars in ancient times there were oceans and rivers of liquid water. The red planet is too small to hold the dense atmosphere, causing the water slowly evaporate into space along with the air of Mars. Continue reading “Oceans on ancient Mars arose from the hydrogen of the greenhouse effect”

Permian animals and plants suffer from acid rain

Permian Scientists maintain to study the mystery of mass flora the end of the Permian period. According to some researchers, this extinction that occurred about 250 million years ago and is considered the most significant in the history of the planet was due to the concurrent eruption of numerous volcanoes in Siberia.

New results from the Department of terrestrial magnetism of the Carnegie name indicate that the influence of these eruptions on the atmosphere could be more overwhelming than previously thought. Continue reading “Permian animals and plants suffer from acid rain”

Mysterious Himalayas

everestThe heart of the Himalayas. I stood near the cliff Kalapatare and waited until finally it gets dark. After a while after sunset, apparently the temperature began to fall sharply, began to come one after another several avalanches, and while I was away, a powerful roar of falling snow and ice instilled fear. And it was strange to look at the lights of the base camp, the only warm and alive in this realm of cold and ice.

All these people are obsessed to climb Everest. So much effort, sometimes in excess of, it is necessary to make these people, and do not always end well. Continue reading “Mysterious Himalayas”

Clouds kidnap -Myth or truth?

 kidnap CloudsThe heavens increasingly appear strange clouds with unusual shapes. According to eyewitnesses, sometimes they have a reasonable behavior and even aggression towards people …

Scientists argue that this is just a freak of nature, and include such phenomena  UFOs. But while no one gives to this question is the exact answer … Continue reading “Clouds kidnap -Myth or truth?”

Ascension Earth – New Vibration

EarthAt the end of civilization in 2012 is on the verge of global changes in the material world. An era when the new energies will facilitate.

Daylight reaches the boundary beyond which familiar to people the world will cease to exist. Life on Earth our home will never be the same as it was before.

From a scientific point of view, what is happening is inexplicable. But it is time to tell the truth about what before was hidden from the people. Continue reading “Ascension Earth – New Vibration”

In the Baltic Sea found a UFO …

found a UFOIn the Baltic Sea, at a depth of about 90 m, Swedish treasure hunters divers from Ocean Team X found a strange unidentified object …

Scientists suggest that the remains of the crashed UFO in ancient times. To take pictures and explore the mysterious discovery, the divers made several dives. Continue reading “In the Baltic Sea found a UFO …”

The U.S. state of Oregon mysterious fireball exploded

fireballThis is in the early morning hours took photojournalist Mike Warner, who at that time was on board the helicopter flying over  County USA.

The assurances of the American military command no artificial objects in the atmosphere in this area at this time and could not be – hence version fallen to the ground debris excluded. Continue reading “The U.S. state of Oregon mysterious fireball exploded”

Red river Rio Tinto

RiverRio Tinto – a river in southwestern Spain in the autonomous region of Andalusia. Originates in the north of the province of Huelva. Empties into the Atlantic Ocean near the city of Huelva.

Along the banks of the Rio Tinto from ancient times were the development of ore deposits: the surrounding mountains were rich in copper and silver, gold and iron. Therefore, for five thousand years ago in ancient Iberia began to produce the metals they need here. They continued fishing after the Phoenicians and Greeks, Romans, Visigoths and Moors in order of local land ownership. Moors after mining has stopped for a while, but in 1556 they re-opened, and in 1724 the Spanish government renewed management. Continue reading “Red river Rio Tinto”

Earth is future Comet century

 ISONIn the coming days, the bare eye can observe important astronomical event of the century we quickly approaching bright and beautiful comet ISON (C/2012 S1), which is called comet century. November 28, the comet will be at a coldness of 1.1 million km from the Sun, that is 150 times closer to the luminary than the

Earth. Solar ISON attraction will accelerate to 380 kilometers per second, and the sun will warm the surface up to +2760 ° C. Continue reading “Earth is future Comet century”