Odd date and Odd number

Number odd dateIn the history of one family from heartland by some amazing coincidence, or perhaps it was recognized destiny, that the number 38 became fatal. Of course, the couple did not immediately Gerasimov noticed such a coincidence, but after a few fatal events when they become 38 for the number of life and death – not a lot, not a little – they already knew about his additional fate of many, if not all.

Indeed, spouses Gerasimov knew that their marriage will last 38 years. That is what happened: in 2012, died wife and husband died shortly thereafter. Death was unexpected for everyone. Spouses were not that sick people, and before them nothing happened. But fate is inexorable: it deliberate out these lucky exactly 38 years of marriage. Why do they know that their marriage will break in 2012? The thing is that they have legalized relations in 1974. Not difficult to work out this fateful date: 1974 + 38 = 2012.

Where does the number 38? Spouses married when they were 38 years old. Husband’s mother became a widow at age 38, a widower and father of his wife – and in 38 years! That’s why the couple were confident that fateful number will have a say in 2012. And of course, the couple did not believe that the number of 38 – just a coincidence. There are no coincidences!

But in the life of this family was not only a strange number, but also a strange date. Namely – October 8. The couple had a son Alex. His death occurred October 8, 2002. It was an accident on the railway. Wife also died on October 8, but 10 years later. When her husband, a widower broke strange mystique date and died unexpectedly on November 8. But strange mystic number 38 again manifest itself. Husband and wife both died 38 years after marriage.

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