In France-officially announced the beginning of the persecution of Christians

Christians persecutionIn the all EU countries , France is consistently carried out anti-Christian policy . The reasons are obvious – Christianity , according to the EU leadership is a threat to the ideas of European integration , because it contradicts the new European values . So , for example, same-sex marriages  or a system of total control. Under the banner of tolerance and political correctness predominantly white Christians consistently tried to oust from all spheres of public life – from school , army, prisons , government. From the streets of European cities are trying to remove Christmas trees , which , they say, offend the feelings of Jews and Muslims.

In many EU countries were banned religious processions . So, for example in Dresden not allowed to hold religious procession in memory of the victims , even barbaric bombing , erased the city in 1945 with the face of the earth . But that’s not all Christians are continually exposed defamation through the media, they are accused of all sorts of sins, of fanaticism and obscurantism . In European cities hang anti-Christian ads. But the events of a month ago in France, when the entire country held massive protests against same-sex marriages  and cancellation of official documents, the terms  father  and mother, showed that , despite the best efforts of  evrointegratorov Christian values are still continue to play a significant role for the French .

And the French authorities have announced that they intend to disband the religious community whose members show signs of fanaticism , specifically Catholic traditionalists. Media reported that the police are now charged with the task of identifying the clerics who pose a potential threat to national security . Of course many have a question , but what kind of a threat to the security of the country can be traditionalist Catholics , who are law-abiding citizens , who regularly pay taxes , to give  Caesar – Caesar , patriotic ? To convince the public of the danger of Christians , television repeatedly shows the episode where the road march protest tried to block out half-naked Ukrainian exhibitionist Femen scribbled blasphemous and obscene remarks in hats Catholic nuns , shouting abusive chants offensive to Christians.

Then the young people of the Catholic group Civitas provokatorshu broke up , and now it is shown as a proof of the aggressiveness of Christians and their risk to public safety. However, this tension is too obvious, and so the authorities claim that repression will be preparing directed not only against Christians, but all against all  religious extremists in particular against the Salafists . It was announced that the French authorities intend to deport radical imams immigrants. During yesterday’s press conference, the head of the French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said that these measures are due to amplification of radical Islam and , in particular, a bloodbath perpetrated by March this year,  Toulouse shooter  Muhammad The measure , which killed four Jews and three soldiers.

However, none of the observers had no doubt that this is nothing more than an excuse , especially since the announcement came two days after President Francois Hollande announced the creation of a special agency to monitor compliance with the principle of separation of church and state in France – a sort of counterpart Soviet Council on Religious Affairs , headed  Yaroslavl  – Huberman . Especially because Manuel Valls stressed that these measures will be applied not only to Muslims , the Salafis , but also groups and organizations such as the Civitas Society of St. Pius X, united traditionalist Catholics , who did not recognize the decision of the Second Vatican Council . You can not even doubt that the whole struggle with the selfish will end the deportation of some of the most rabid preachers. Some more serious steps , even if someone tries to make them to cause a severe reaction the EU , and will be immediately blocked .

Other business – Christians . Obviously, the long-term and well thought unfolds campaign total exclusion from public life those who wish to be followers of Christ, not only in name but in deed , and to live in accordance with God’s commandments, and his conscience. Against them starts legal action against , real persecution , they will be driven into hiding. Presenting as an alternative to  sane  and  adequate  Christians who are crowned with homosexuals , and are willing to do everything that they would be required power evrointegratory , or the Anti-Defamation League , reports the Institute of High communitarianism .

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